Saturday, April 29, 2006

This could be a long post

Hmmmmm where to begin....this post was going to be called Mike you lucky bastard I hate you!!! but I didn't think that was nice. Or it could have been call Sam don't spend all my money in one place !! Or it could have been called Thanks for inviting me take my money please !!! I should have stayed for pizza because I was hungry when I got home. I'll get back to this later .... if I feel like it.

Now where do I begin... I guess it started out with me going to pick up Terry and going to Wal Mart to buy some new runners which I did and I like. Then I went back to Terry's to look over some stuff I have there as I have to start packing soon. I'll be heading up north after the meeting here on Saturday. I was hoping that all 5 of us would be there because it's rare when we are all together. Was thinking we could get Fish and Chips for lunch. I know this meeting is not going to tell us anything we really don't know already but dad and Jean must think it's worth it because they set it up. I don't believe there will be any decisions made at the meeting just some options that will be laid out to let everyone know what's available to help dad as the illness gets worse. (Interrupted by a phone call from Karl so this is many hours later. It's now Sunday. Annette has changed her day off so she will be here but Karl will be coming down with Trudy Wed evening staying overnight so he won't be down for it. Have not heard if Rob will be here or not. Jean told me today that Michelle and Kim will both be here so I'm happy about that. I'll make a cheesecake and Jean said maybe we can order pizza instead of F & C's.

Dad is doing pretty good. He has actually had a good appetite the past couple days. Aunt Alice was by today and they talked her in to staying for supper. Terry is here as well because we were out today and went to Shawn and Marrianne's to see the pond.

Lets start with...


Friday I did something I had talked about doing for a while. I called Hillcrest School to see if I could go take some pictures and they said yes after school hours would be fine. So I got there a little early (Never happened when I went there as a kid)and walked around the field out back. Then after all the kids got out I went inside to the office and got a pass. It was weird walking around the school. I went in to a couple of my old classes and tried to picture them as when I was there as a student but it wasn't easy. Maybe I should have gone more often and then I wouldn't have failed.....twice LOL. Sure its funny now but it wasn't back then. All my friends went off to high school 2 years before me and I was stuck with a bunch of kids. But I was popular because I could buy beer from the beer store (j/k) The office is now in the old part of the school and the air raid horn is now gone. It will all be gone in July. There will be an open house in June some time. It should be posted here ... ( Here are a couple pictures.

The old school

1920 est

door to gym for dances and such

The gym

My grade 8 classroom with Mrs. Froman

An original desk

Classroom in old part of the school

Downstairs Hall

Side entrance by the old office

Office was on left nurse was on the right

I also went to GOGO Pizza for a meatball sub before heading to meet Mike at his place. Sam was working on a pizza and I ran into an old girlfriend of Mike's and she gave me her cell number to pass onto Mike.

Mike and I went up to Theresa's where imagine this...a poker game broke out. There were only 5 of us and as usual they ganged up on me and took all my money. Mike was usually the one that put me out of the game. He would go all in with me on crap and would river me every time. That's where you pull a miracle out of your ass on the last turn card. Didn't matter if I had a pair of aces or 2 pairs he would say wouldn't that suck if I got a 6 on the last card for 3 of a kind and he would get it !! The only thing that made me feel better was that Mike ended up losing to Sam who was the big winner over all winning 5 games the last being a double pot. I have to say that I didn't play bad all night I did what I should have it's just the cards did not come to me as usual. I did have fun even tho I lost 18 bucks. I ended up getting home after 3am. Thanks guys I truly did have fun every time we played even tho I did not win one single game ever !!! I finished second 3 times but second sucks.

Rest of weekend to be continued ....

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Not sure why but this morning I wanted to hear some Valdy. I looked up his web site and was looking it over and decided to see if he was touring. For those interested he will be in GRAVENHURST OPERA HOUSE Saturday August 12, Toronto July 6, and Barrie November 4. By the time I get to the Island he will be playing in Duncan so I hope I get to see him there. I was talking recently about how he used to close the Festival of Friends in Hamilton for a few straight years a long time ago. One thing I never knew about him was that he was on the Beachcombers !! OK reading it over again he was the lead role in one episode. I was thinking for a moment he was a cast member.

We even went to see him in the afternoon when he did a kids concert. Robert was the person that introduced me to his music. Robert listened to alot of music that I didn't know of back then and alot of it was pretty good. Long John Baldry, Marrianne Faithfull,

John Prine..."Dear Abby dear abby now who'd ever thought
that me and my girlfriend would ever get caught
we were sitting in the back seat just shooting the breeze
with her hair up in curlers and her pants to her knees

signed....just married"

Sorry that song popped in my head when I thought of his name.

I played around with my camera a bit yesturday. Havn't used it too much since I bought it. Actually trying to read part of the manual before I use the camera.
I was sitting on the bottom step of the deck leading into the yard with the tele photo lense on.

Now I made these pictures smaller before posting them because each picture was more than 4 megs. I hope to do some more shooting this weekend on a trail around here.

Now that I bored you with that I will update on dad. He doesn't seem to mind being upstairs. He has used his walker a few times but the house isn't really big enough. He uses it to go from the chair to the bathroom and back. Thats about 15 steps. More work getting around the walker to get it started then trying to park it. He seems to feel pretty good but his bottom hurts a bit. The diarea seems to have gone for now and that's what gives him the pain in the butt (not me like some of you might think). He slept well last night even tho he had slept early in the evening. He is way better than he was in the hospital. I think he was over drugged. Jean is trying one more time for that meeting with the social worker for Sat. May 6 10am because thats my last weekend. If no one wants to go tell me soon so I can tell her to forget about it. It seems like it is going to be Terry, Kim and I and I don't think it's worth it.

9:30 and I havn't heard from Dave so I think I'm done working for him. Wasn't going to work for him next week because I need to get the car ready and packed. I've been thinking that when I get out there and set up after 2 months I'll fly back for a week visit if I can afford it. I might look at trying to find a job on the side but I don't want to work weekends because of football and exploring the island. Then after another couple months or so I'll come back for another short stay over winter. Just some thoughts so don't hold me to it.

Thats all for now I need a computer break.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quick Post

Just a quick post as I get ready for work. Dad came home yesterday and we have moved everything upstairs. His chair and the TV so he won't have to go up and down anymore. Dad and Jean just left to go get a throat scope or xray. He looks pretty good but he is still having some ill effects from the last chemo that they told us at the hospital were all gone.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I've been tagged

Just got home from the hospital. Jean is there now with Michelle and Rick. Kim was there for a bit too. Dad has eaten more today than I had seen in the past 2 days. He still seems to be in good spirits but sleeps often. He ate half his cereal this morning and half of a toasted bagel with some coffee, the nurse said he had a couple slices of peaches at breakfast. For lunch dad had a whole bowl of soup and half a granola bar. No news on when he will be getting out. I'm off to go look at my new camera and ready to talk a deal if they are. Will let you know how it works out.

I'm now the proud owner of a Canon Eos 30D camera with a tele-photo lense !!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Poker Night

I picked Terry up this morning and took her to see dad. He still isn't eating very much. He said he threw up breakfast this morning. He threw up lunch while we were there. Actualy it was coffee he threw up. They gave him something for his stomach and he ate some peaches. For supper all he had were peaches but he told the nurse he ate everything. While he was napping I was talking to the nurse who is a cute little Philipino woman and told her he only had juice and peaches for supper. She told me dad had said he ate everything. I asked her if they could give him anything through the tube and she said they were counting his calories and were looking into that. When dad woke up from a nap I asked him about what the nurse said and he had a big grin on his face. He asked me why and if I had talked to the nurse and I said yes I straightened her out. He just kept grinning. Lacie and Ryan dropped in for a bit and Mandy dropped Jorden off to Terry and stayed for a short visit. In the afternoon everyone left and I was last one till 8pm. I talked to the night nurse Jen and told her about the peaches in the fridge. I also asked her if they could give dad something for an upset tummy. She promised shed take good care of him tonight.

I had talked to Mike earlier in the day about playing poker. We played at Wayne and Theresa's. Sam, Jeff, Mike, me and 2 of the guys from where Sam works. As usual I lost but for 12 bucks it's a cheap fun night out. We are already talking about next Friday.

Jean mentioned today that she will try and set up the meeting with the social worker for this comming Saturday. I told her Karl wanted to talk to her about it. She also said that it would be alright for Mandy to come as support for Terry and because Mandy does work in this line of work. Well thats all for tonight I'm tired.


Another update

Went to see dad Friday. Took in the stuff so I could give him a shave. I did his face and head. His appetite is real low right now. I ate most of his supper last night. Didn't look good but tasted alright. Meatloaf peas and powdered potatoes. He gagged a bit when he took the lid off of it. He looks good after receiving the top up of blood. Jean bought him some pj's and I helped put them on him. Backwards at first but in the end I got it right and they looked good. Von was there and brought him some of the best icecream I have...I mean he has ever tried LOL. I got him some of it at supper and I tried to get him to have some soup later but it didn't go down well. I'll be spending most of today there as I don't think Jean is going over. She said something about it last night but I was watching hockey and didn't catch all of it. Terry is also going to make it over for a bit. There was some good hockey last night. I didn't get many points but I'm sure some one must have done well. Kariya got 4 points in one game. Well I'm going to start getting ready and I have to call Terry shortly. I think I'll take some peaches over to dad because I know he likes them.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Re: update on dad

I went to see dad today. Dr Bertovsky came in and said that his red cells were 70 which is way too low so they were going to give him 2 pints of the red stuff and that he should plan on being in the hospital at least a few days. He seems in good spirits but a wee bit confused. Could be from not enough oxygen getting to the brain cause the red cells are what carries it around the body. Robert, Annette and Terry made it in to visit as well as cousin David and his wife with her mother and 2 week old baby. Dad held the baby for a few minutes. Jean showed up and I decided to leave to get a bite to eat. I went to Licks Homeburgers last night at 10pm and it was so good I think I'm heading back there tonight. Told Terry to call me for a ride home so I will go after I drop her off.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dad update

Well as most of you know dad is back in the hospital. He was having a bad day so Jean called a Dr and they told her to take him to emergency and they will admit him. Dad needs another blood transfusion and was scheduled to get it tonight. When Jean called earlier she said he would stay in emergency because no bed was available but then they decided to move him upstairs to a ward. I believe its 395 room 14 but don't quote me on this. Jean is going to take some time for herself tomorrow so I will be going over to see dad in the morning. Annette is coming in to Hamilton tomorrow so will go see dad in the afternoon and Terry is going to get dropped off after work. I told her I'll give her a ride home if she needs it. Looking like the social worker thing will not be going this weekend. It was looking like just me, Terry and Kim since grand kids are not allowed but Mandy was hoping to be able to come. I'm not against grandkids from coming as most of them are old enough and should be involved as I'm sure they will be as time goes on. Most of them won't want to be at this meeting as I'm sure most of us don't want to be there but I think it's a show of support to dad. Well I'll keep you posted as I usually do.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Meet the social worker

This coming Saturday at 10.00am there will be a social worker going to dad and Jean's to meet the family. Jean said that this meeting is only for the people who will help make decisions as dad's disease gets worse. Jean said that she would like us 5 kids along with her 2 kids and no others at this time. Michele has opted not to be there but Kim will be there. I talked to Terry and she will be there, Annette is working, I talked to Jeanine and she will let Robert know and I talked to Trudy and she will pass it on to Karl. Please email me and let me know ASAP either way. I'll pass it on to Dad and Jean. In my opinion we should be there to support dad but if you prefer not to come or can't make it for whatever reason its totally up to you. I had been sitting on the fence since I first heard about this but as hard as it may be I'll be there. Jean told me the number one concern is taking care of the pain and how and where for dads best comfort. This is about all I know so if you have questions please call Jean.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter !!!

Well I hope everyone had a good Easter. Did you get enough turkey ? I know I did. I was lucky enough to get 2 turkey dinners. Saturday evening I went to Rick and Michele's for dinner. Kim, Glenn and the kids were there. Natasha was there too. Michelle gave me the grand tour of the house since it was my first time there. It's a beautifull house out on 20 road not far off Upper James Rd. There is a huge area out back where they can go for walks with the dog all the way to the airport. Close to the city but far enough out to not notice the city. It was such a nice evening we ate out side on the deck. After dinner Michelle, Rick and I went in to watch the hockey game. I stayed till after the first periode in the Vancouver game then went home to bed.

Sunday after sleeping in a little I went to pick up Terry and we went out to Annettes for dinner. Tyler and I had a game of Madden football and I kicked his ass !!! Then we played some golf and hockey with Ryan and they both took turns kicking my ass. The turkey dinner was great except that dinner was a little later than I am used to eating. Annette made it up to me by making me a couple sandwiches for lunch. After dinner we played a game called Kingers. I had never played before and I must say that Lacie was freaking me out getting me scared before we even got started. That girl is psycho (just kidding) We all picked some eggs and then you take turns hitting another persons egg on the top with your egg. The egg that breaks is out and the winner goes on to the next round. I was stupid because I had my camera and should have taken pictures but didn't. They have been doing this for a long time and have saved the winning eggs with the winners name and year. I believe the oldest egg in there was 1994 and had Tylers name on it. Ryan has a few in there and Lacie has one from 2 years ago. Some eggs had been broken durring the move out there so the older ones are gone. It came down to Terry and Annette and the winner was Annette. Oh and Tyler did get me back in another game of football and not by a little margin.

Thanks to everyone !!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Night Poker

Well I went over to Laurie and Owen's tonight to play some more poker. The females were playing a game on another table. Not sure what it was but they were sure having fun. There was some sort of family meeting but not sure what that was all about. Well I did over hear something but was told I couldn't come back and donate my money if I said anything.It brought Aunt Jan, Theresa, and Mickey over to join the ones already there. They thanked me when I was leaving and said come again but I think thats because I'm a good loser. I did hold the chip lead at least twice tonight and came in second twice. It still was alot of fun but it would be nice to win at least one time. There is talk of a game next friday. Deal me in ... or maybe I'll just leave my money on the counter and deal for everyone !!!!

Quick post before work

Last night dad and I were hanging out watching TV while Jean was at church. The Leaf game was on. I offered dad a Toblerone and he said sure. When Jean came in dad told her to give me shit. He said I gave him the Toblerone and he ate the whole thing. Jean said well if your worried just forget to take your blood check in the morning. Well this morning dad took his blood check and it was only 7 so I said that's good want another Toblerone ? He said maybe later because he hadn't had breakfast yet.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

another chemo treatment

Yesterday morning dad was supposed to go for an xray on his throat. While he was getting dressed he remembered something and called Jean. dad had eaten breakfast and was not supposed to eat anything before going. Jean called and they rescheduled his appointment.

Today dad and Annette went for dad's chemo treatment. It was a long day as usual. It's a lot of go here and wait, see the Dr for 5 minutes then go there and wait. The Dr is impressed with the results from the tests and has decided to keep the same schedule they have going. She said the cancer in the spine has spread a bit but it's been so long since they last checked it that it's rather a slow spreading. So for now chemo every 3 weeks and no new pills. Other than getting over his cold Jean said dad had a very good weekend. Monday he seemed to be doing very well as well.

Last week before I went up north I told dad and Jean that I will be heading west in early May. I have 3 things that all need attention early June. My car insurance runs out, my blood pressure pills will run out and I should see the Dr to get checked out, and my unemployment runs out. I need to check back into work to make sure I still have a job. I had told them when I came out here last November I'd be gone for about 3 or 4 months. May will be 7 months. Also the football team has been bugging me hoping I'll be back again this year. I do not know how long I'll be out there but I know I'll be back here again for a few months. I just don't want to burn any bridges.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Jess !!!!

Just wanted to Wish Jessica a very happy birthday !!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

It's been a while !!

Where to begin......

Friday when I left to go up north dad had a really bad cold. Other than that things seemed ok. Jean had told me that they had talked to a social worker and that they will have a meeting with her next week and that she (the social worker)wants to set up an appointment with us kids and Dad and Jean. It will have to be during the week during the day. I'll find out more on this after next week.

Dad and Jean both told me he had a really good weekend. The best dad's been in a while. He still has a touch of a cold but it's pretty much gone now. Today a woman was in to do dad's toe nails. This is her second time in. Very nice woman, asking dad questions like she really cares about what's going on. She brought treats for Brandy too. Dad had a pretty good appetite today. Had a good lunch and good dinner. He told me after supper that the arm that had the chemo burn is numb. He rolled up his sleeve to show me and Jean started poking it with a pen asking if he could feel it and he said no. He started to roll up his sleeve and Jean gave him a look like what are you doing and I said he had enough tattoos and didn't want any more.

Now if anyone is interested I'll tell you about my weekend. I woke up Friday morning and had a nose bleed which usually means I'm getting a cold. I picked Mike up and off we went up north. We got up there right around lunch and sat talking with Karl. Then we got out some cards and played a few games of Texas hold'em poker. Tara and I went into town and I picked up some booze, chocolates and Tiger Woods golf for the xbox. I think we only played it once all weekend. Later Mike and I drove in to pick up Jodi and she gave us the grand tour of the salon. I can't remember if it was before this or after this that Karl had made us supper because I had started feeling a bit under the weather. Karl did us up steak on a George Foreman Grill, boy was it good !!! That evening we played some more cards till after 2am.

Saturday Jodi and I went to the Haliburton wolf sanctuary. This is one of my favorite places to go up there. I could sit there all day just watching the wolves which for the most part lay around on the side of the hill basking in the sun. I took lots of pictures and will post them on my photo blog.

While we were there I was looking for a necklace that I had purchased a few years ago but had lost. When we were leaving I had asked if they had any and the woman told me that they did not. They had a pin and I was wondering about getting it and drilling a hole but the woman said that pewter did not drill well. So I left with out one. That evening we had a hockey draft for the upcoming playoffs and played some more poker. We also had a cake for Brad to celabrate his 40th birthday. I wasn't feeling too well so went down stairs to watch the Canucks hockey game.

Sunday I was feeling even worse. I spent most of the morning hanging out in the washroom thinking I was going to be sick. I eventually joined the rest of them at the table and started to feel better so had some breakfast. Shortly after I was feeling ill again. I told Mike if he didn't mind driving I would grab some plastic bags and rest on the way home. We stopped in Milton to pick up John who spent the weekend at his mom's place. I stayed in the car but said hello to Sherry but I don't think she recognized me. When we got to Mike's I got into the drivers seat and thats when I discovered something. Hanging from my mirror was one of the necklaces I was looking for at the wolf Sancturary. Not sure how you pulled it off Jodi but thank you so much for it.

Well I'll finish off now as I need to rest. I did eventually empty my belly into the toilet after I got home. Today I spent most of the day resting. I've had soup, toast and ginger ale today and am feeling a wee bit better. One of the girls had told me about how bagels dont digest well and after Sunday night I now agree. The bagel and orange juice was all I recognized from what I had that day.

On that note I'll say goodnight.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Comments back up !!

As some of you have noticed I put the comments section back up. But....... I now moderate comments. They have to be approved by me first but then they will be posted for all to see. We will try this for now to see how it goes.

Thanks all !!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dad's scope

Yesterday I dropped Dad and Jean off at the cancer clinic. He was going to see a Dr about getting his throat scoped but as usual it was an appointment to set up an appointment for a exray on his throat. They only saw the actual Dr for a few minutes and then were given an appointment for the 11th I believe, for an exray. Then the following week they go back to see the Dr to get the results. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Poker Night


Sorry just climbed out of bed. Wasn't a real late night last night but 2am is late for me. 3am if you count the time change. I've only been out of bed a few minutes. Trying to shake the cob webbs off and count my losses. Actualy it wasn't too bad. It was about the most fun I've had in an evening since I've been back in Ontario. Going to Solid Golds last night didn't hurt.

I drove down to Mikes place and met him and John. We talked a short while then headed out to Burlington and went to a bar to eat dinner (Mike and I). After
dinner we were driving over to Solid Gold's and the phone rang. It was Sammy and
he told Mike he would meet us there. It was around 6pm so it was pretty quiet in
the club except for the non stop dancers and music. 3 single guys sitting in perverts row watching the ladies...what a life LOL

We didn't stay too long because Sam wanted to go play cards because he had to work at 5am. So we left and eventualy met up at Laurie and Owens. Laurie, Owen and
Melisa were there and shortly after Dan, Sam, and Theresa showed up. I've never actualy played in a tournament before but it was fun. You got 60 chips for 2 bucks and the ante was 2 and 4 for the start. As the game went on the Antes got bigger every 10 minutes. 2-4, 4-8, 5-10, 10-20 and only once did they make it to 20-40. Mike, Sam and Owen each ended up winning a game.

Afterwords we played a couple games of euchre. That was fun too because I remember playing with Owen and Mike years ago. Dan was my partner and we started off with a big lead then ended up losing a close one to Mike and Owen. The second game was close but we ended up taking it. For the rubber match I don't think Dan and I were even there. Both Mike and Owen got a lone hand and then the game was over.

Up until the Euchre Laurie Theresa and Melisa were having a Pajama Party in the Living room. I think we all had a good time. Thanks to everyone !!!!!

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Kim !!!

Happy Birthday Kim !!!

I'd like to wish Kim a very happy birthday today. I also want to congratulate Kim and Glenn as they are expecting another child near the end of November I believe.

Last but not least I want to wish Dan and Cherie the best of luck as they are getting married Saturday August 26, 2006. I remember the last time we had the family golf at the KOA in Gravenhurst and Cherie was my partner. Very nice young lady and shes getting a nice young man in Dan. So goodluck to you both and welcome to this kooky crazy mixed up family. If we havn't scared you off yet your probably not going anywhere.

It's now 2:14 before changing my watch and I'm heading to bed. Will update tomorrow on the poker night at Laurie and Owen's house tonight.