Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter on the Island

Apparently it was time for an update .... so I was told lol

Winter has hit the island with a vengeance. Its really very lovely but not when you have to shovel it. At least Ben got out and had some fun in it. Ben and I even walked to Wal-Mart yesterday and I took a few photos.

Sunday evening was the Wal-Mart kids Christmas party. I needed to get out for a bit as I haven't been working other than shoveling snow. I grabbed my camera and caught a ride with a neighbor. He works there as well and was heading over to play the music for them. It was a good thing I went because my boss (photo lab manager) was stuck in the snow somewhere and he was supposed to be taking the pictures at the party. He was supposed to be at work for 2pm but didn't make it in till almost 7:30pm. So I snapped hundreds of photos and put them on a cd to give to the store. They had hot dogs and treats and santa showed up and gave all the kids a gift. Except for the snowstorm which kept half the people away it was a pretty good party. I won't bore you with any of those photos.

Today I have to finish my wrapping and make sure I have everything I needed to get. Might have to get a couple stocking stuffers. At noon I'm off to Vic Truss for a Christmas lunch and hopefully a big fat Christmas bonus! I shouldn't complain they treat me very well. They even helped me out so I could buy my expensive lens while it was on sale before Christmas.

We will be out most of Christmas day spending it with our little princess and the family in Langford. So I will take this time to wish everyone in Ontario and in BC that stops by to check out my blog a very merry Christmas. I also wish the ones that don't stop by the same but they won't read this so I hope some one tells them.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Congrats to a friend

Raiders RB Harris signs with B.C. Lions
Canwest News Service
Published: Monday, December 15, 2008
The B.C. Lions announced Monday they have agreed to terms with non-import running back Andrew Harris.

"Andrew is a phenomenal athlete who put up some amazing numbers with the Vancouver Island Raiders in 2008," Neil McEvoy, the Lions' player personnel coordinator, said in a statement. "He's an elite talent and another example of the gifted players the BCFC (British Columbia Football Conference) is currently producing."

Harris compiled a number of record-breaking performances on the way to leading his Nanaimo-based club to a Canadian Bowl championship in November, running for 410 yards and four touchdowns in a 35-8 win over the Burlington Braves to claim junior football's national title.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photos of Gwen

Last weekend we went down to Langford to spend some time with Gwen and her parents. Plus we went out to a restaurant called Floyds which was in an issue of readers digest.

First off we went into Mary and Adam's and sat in the living room chatting. After about 10 minutes I disappeard into the bedroom where I found Gwen sound a sleep. Didn't take long before I noticed that she was waking up (had nothing to do with me pinching her I'm sure) so I had to pick her up and carry her into the living room. Adam scolded me like it was my fault but I tried to assure him I had nothing to do with it. I sat holding her and talking to her for a while then Mary decided she should feed Gwen before we headed out.

Floyds was Very nice hippie kind of place and very busy on weekends. We got a table for 4 and a baby. It was very quick paced and the food comes very fast. They have a special called the Mahoney where the chef prepares what ever he wants and then you have a chance to flip a coin and if you win its free if you lose you pay double. (Do you feel lucky punk .... well do you?) They have a t-shirt with Dirty Harry pointing a gun asking that.

After brunch I made Mary drive us to the mall so Gwen and I could have our picture taken with Santa. I've wanted my picture taken with him for a while so having Gwen there was a good excuse! We did very little shopping as I'm pretty much done and then Gwen decided she was hungry .... right now. So Mary went to feed her and I took my wife's hand and we strolled around the mall till it was time to go home. Mary Adam and Gwen were going out so we hung out for a bit before heading back to our little house in Duncan. I did manage a couple photos before we left.

On a sad note a very good friend of Patty's and mine passed away Friday night. Carol was a client of Patty's but also a very good friend and had spent some time with our family on special events, movie night, dinners, and social outings. She had been suffering from some illnesses for a long time and was awaiting knee replacement surgery in a few weeks. Carol was 71 and we all miss her very much. Her son Aaron is here from Ottawa and will be spreading her ashes in a very special place Thursday before he has to head back. As Carol wished there was no service for her. RIP Carol we love you.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Medical Update

Just some health news in case any one is interested....

I went for my yearly physical and had blood tests done a week before. EKG and blood sugar was very good. Some blood test they do for the prostate was good. My blood pressure is still a little high which I've known for a long time but she finally stepped up and doubled my medicine dosage so it should be better now. I'm glad its a female Dr because she has skinny fingers although her hands were real cold when she was holding the marbles. When she was checking my prostate it felt like she was scratching a lottery ticket. Get it over with already!!! Checked out fine, can't wait a whole other year to feel that uncomfortable again LOL. Funny thing is when I had to remove my underwear she held up a blanket so she couldn't see anything and less then 30 seconds later she has me by the marbles and is putting her finger in my nether region!! Oh and lastly she discovered a hernia in my stomach (thats what she thinks it is) and is sending me for an ultra sound in January sometime. Must have just happened cause I feel it now and I'm all gassy ! My stomach had been a little upset for a few days before the appointment but I thought I was getting a flu. Oh almost forgot. My cholesterol is on a steady incline but is still below the high level so I have to try and change my diet or next year I will be on meds for high cholesterol.

Onto better stuff....

Tonight was our Christmas dinner for the realty company at the Keg. Most ppl had lobster and steak I had a juicy Sirloin with baked potato and baked tomato ($29.00) then a $10 dollar piece of cheesecake. Was a very good dinner. We were given a bottle of Baileys and 2 checks totaling $200 bucks after they had payed for all our dinners. Not bad at all. The last land lord said last year they just got a bottle of wine and dinner but they hadn't been in the Job very long. So We were very happy (especially Patty) for the Baileys! The money was a surprise bonus! Will help towards my new canon 70 - 200 IS 2.8 professional lens for my camera!!!