Sunday, October 29, 2006

My future wife

Heres a little something for everyone to talk about. Don't be surprised if by Christmas I havn't run off to Vegas and married this woman !!!

Just a thought LOL

Monday, October 23, 2006

Quick post

I know some of you have been checking my site. It's ammazing what you can track on the internet LOL. Just a quick update here. Since my post about my health I have been to the Drs once. He sent me to a therapist and I saw him a second time but not sure about a 3rd. Last night I came home from work early. Pretty sure I have another kidney stone. Going to the Dr today at 3. Foreman was pretty pissy about me leaving said I needed a note. I know Craig wouldn't want one but I'll do it to keep Ian happy. Place is getting worse but I'll hold out till after Christmas then go to McDonalds or something with full time hours not nights or afternoons only. A new hotel going in downtown so I might look into what job I mwould like to do and start working on getting anything I need before its finished. Nanaimo is going to be a tourist heaven !!! Still working on the personal stuff for any nosey ppl out there. Went on a date last night to see a female impersonator. Was a good time with lousy seats. The woman I was with was told how lucky she was that I was her date by a gay man sitting at our table and that she should keep me. There were about 14 of us at the table 2 gay couples. Was a little wierd how open they were about almost everything. Maybe it was everything but I tried to block alot of it out LOL. Football game was too close for comfort. Tougher opponent this Sunday. I move on the 1st into my own apartment.

Thats all for now I need to rest. Not sure when I'll update again but you never know.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lions Game 2 of 2

First off I want to thank blogger for allowing me to upload these pictures tonight. 2nd I'd like to thank Lorne Plante the first picture, he,s the one that help set this up for me. On the sideline hes bigger than most of the players especially in height. 3rd I'd like to thank the B.C. Lions for allowing me to do this. Wasn't exactly free if you add up all the costs of 50 dollar ferry ride (each way) About 30 dollars in food because I was too late for the last ferry and camped in my car watching Bruce Almighty on my Ipod. That helped me get through the night. I got out of the stadium at 10:30pm and its a half hour drive to the ferry if you know where your going and last ferry leaves at 10:45pm. I knew I wouldn't make it so I drove north to the Horseshoe Bay terminal. Last I'd like to thank Scott for lending me a lense although it wasn't the 2.8 I was asking for it was still better than the one I own. Also he emailed me tonight to say he saw me at least 10 times and didn't watch the whole game. He thought the one time I was going to get knocked down but I got me and the camera out of the way in time. Its actually one of these photos where the QB is comming right at me and it looked sooooo close because it was. It's #16 with the ball tucked under his wing. Oh I almost forgot....

The rights to these photos are owned by the B.C. Lions football club and cannot be used with out their written consent as well as mine. They are here for your viewing pleasure only !

Lions Game 1of 2

I knew this is what most of you wanted to see. Hope you like these shots as much as I liked taking them. Of course the last photo I asked about 5 cheerleaders to give me a group shot and the others just kept joining so other photographers came over and they didn't know which way to look. Also they were being called and there were too many and not enough time to change my lense.

comming soon !!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blog Break

Just letting everyone know that I'm going on a blog break. After the game friday I'm going to stop posting on my blog and will probably drop by other blogs once a week. I have them in a folder that says daily but no one updates that often including me so I'm going to change the folder to Mondays and will check after the weekend. You can still email me at Take care all ..............

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Woooooo Hoooooooo !!!!!!!

I just received a confirmation email from the B.C. Lions giving me a field pass for the game VS Calgary this friday. I have been bugging Lorne Plante the player on our team that is on the practice roster of the Lions. He had kept telling me that he had talked to the guy in charge and that he wanted an email from me telling him for what purpose I wanted the pass. Only thing is Lorne kept forgetting to get his email address. Last night Lorne emailed me and so I emailed Jaimie this morning and just received the confirmation back. I would have liked to have asked for the Ti Cat game but we have a playoff game that day and also the Cats MY TEAM would not grant me a field pass so screw them. I'd like to get a couple good shots of Danny Mac even if its just on the sidelines with the clip board. I'm a little excited at the moment. I was hoping he would say yes but wasn't expecting it to be this fast. Well gotta get showered and ready for work....oops and got to let them know about friday !!!!

Also I'm a terrible person because I know the 3rd is someones birthday but can't remember whos ! Annette, Terry and Rob all have birthdays in October 3, 15. and 25 but which one is which. If I had to guess I'd say Terry today, Rob the 15th and Annette the 25th. Not sure why but that sounds correct to me. Will find out who for sure and call on the weekend

SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!