Tuesday, May 29, 2007

more cat stuff

Well everyone should know I'm not really a cat person. I love my dogs and I love them big. Don't have one now but if I did he would be big. Now I'm an animal person so I don't hate cats I'd just rather a dog. I've had some pretty good cats in the past. Hey who Mickey took for me when I was moveing out west. A nice cat but kind of shy and doesn't care for dogs much. Ilean who took the drive across Canada with me and who has found a nice home with Lacie and her dad. If I had been able to keep her at Jeans I would have brought her back out west with me but I'm glad she has a good home. And now for Jack... The first 2 nights we had Jack we broght him upstairs to our room and made a nice bed on the floor for him. He slept soundly all night then we would put him on the bed and play with him in the morning. Then this morning Jack learned that he could climb onto the bed. I talked to Patty this evening after I got home from work and she hasn't been able to sleep for fear of rolling onto Jack. She puts him on the floor and he climbs right back up onto the bed. Hopefully I won't squish him when I climbrd into bed. Here are a few more pictures of our little Jack. Now tell me this cat isn't going to be spoiled rotten. Sunday we drove to Nanaimo and bought Jack a little house.

Isn't this a cute little house that any cat would love to have as its own ?

But no its not quite enough for our Jack!!

So how about this one, do you think Jack will be satisfied with this house ?

I don't think so !!

So this is what Jack ended up with a freaking kitty cat condo !!! It sits right in front of the window so when he is big enough he can sit on the perch and watch the traffic going by or the birds in the trees out front.

This is our Dr evil aka Ben when he got to meet Jack. Poor kid loves this cat but is alergic to it. I should have taken a picture of him when Patty and I got home from Nanaimo as he had been sleeping on the chair with the cat on his neck. His eyes were all red and swollen.

Now look at this picture isn't he the cutest ? He looks like a cat that needs a kitty condo.

Even when he is being bad he looks so cute. I had to hide the glasses he liked chewing on them so much. Well I'm off to bed. Wish me luck so I don't flatten the poor kitty when I climb into bed. Goodnight all !

Saturday, May 26, 2007

New addition .... maybe ?

Well Patty and I went out for a drive today looking at some houses that are for sale. Just window shopping for now. Then I took my wife to Salty's for some fish and chips. Thought we might run into Paul and aunt Gladys because they are regular visitors to Salty's on Saturdays but we were probably too early. After lunch I sudgested we take a drive to the SPCA to see if they had any kittens available yet. They said they didn't have any for adoption yet because they are too young but if we fill out the form and are approved then we will get a call for first look. After chatting for about 15 minutes and mentioning I worked at an SPCA in Ontario she told us they had 1 kitten about 5-6 weeks old that was found on a road and brought in. It has a cold and is on meds but they were looking for someone to foster it for a week. She took us downstairs and pulled out this tiny cute little kitten and Patty said you know it's not going to come back in a week and she said I figured but you never know if it doesn't fit in bring it back and check out other ones. So I filled out the form, got some meds for it and a carrier with food and off we went. Patty has gone through 3 names already but right now she is sticking to Jack. Patty is in love with it already as you will see from the pictures and it kind of likes her too. Hmmm I think I will have to be fighting for some attention for myself now we have this cat. Ben is gone for the day and won't find out till this evening when he gets home. Well her are a few pictures of JACK !!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Long Weekend

Well I got to meet my sister in-law Natalie this weekend along with her other half Peter and their little dog Hailey. They arrived Friday morning and Benny and I went to breakfast with them and Aunty Irene. We chatted and ate then came back home so they could nap as they drove most of the night to meet the early ferry. They came from Merrit which is more than a few hours away. I had to go to work and Patty was home when they woke up from their nap. I was off at 6pm and came home to eat dinner and shower so we could go to kareoke that night. I don't mind going to kareoke but Patty didn't sing and I'm not there to listen to other ppl who can't sing. Patty is a very good singer especially Patsy Cline songs and I'm not just saying that because I love her and shes my wife. I truly like her singing.

Natalie didn't get up to sing either but she and I did play some Texas holdem on the computer. First hand on a 4 dollar bet she won 12 bucks and I lost a total of 6 bucks for the night. Its part of the B.C. lottery corp and you purchase a ticket which is 2 cards for 2 dollars and if you like your 2 cards you can raise your bet before the game starts. If you beat the 4 computer players after the cards are all dealt you win some money and it depends on how many ppl across B.C. are playing and how good of a hand you beat. If you beat a pair of 4's you'll probably win a buck but if you beat 3 of a kind or a straight you will probably win much more because less ppl are likely to beat it. Peter and I ended up going out for a walk and getting some fresh air later in the evening. We talked about going golfing this weekend but never did.

Saturday morning we got up and I made breakfast for everyone. We had bacon eggs and toast. The over easy eggs turned out well but the omelets looked more like scrambled eggs and veggies but the pan I used for them isn't a good pan. I should have thrown it away long ago and I need to get a new one. Good thing it was only Patty and Ben that had that.

We sat around chatting for a while then we drove to Nainamo for a couple hours. A nice walk down by the harbour and then a trip to the mall to look around. Then Peter and Natalie took us to the White Spot restaraunt and bought us lunch. They are a nice couple and we had fun together. I think Patty spent alot of time trying to convince her sister to move to the island but I don't think it worked. Peter works in a mine 7 days a week 12 hours a day for 3 weeks and then is home for 3 weeks. He drives a huge truck down to the bottom of the mine which is a few kms underground gets a load then drives it back to the top. I believe its about an hour trip each way. I think I would feel clostraphobic in there.

Saturday evening I made some home made burgers with my very own recipe and chopped an onion and fried it on the side burner of the bbq for supper. Then after supper I did the dishes while Natalie and Patty took the dog for a good walk. We sat around that evening talking and watching some TV. Aunty Irene wanted us to go to kareoke again but we just wanted to chill.

When I woke up Sunday morning I said to Patty that I can go back to my normal obnoxious self when the leave later that day. She thought I put on a pretty good show for them because Natalie told Patty on the phone tonight that both her and Peter thought I was a good guy. If they only knew LOL. It seems like they had a good time and they were surprised how much the dog liked me cause it normaly takes a while for it to take to someone. It liked me pretty good cause before they left I was laying on the floor playing with it and it started humping my arm. Everyone got a laugh and I think they got a video or two so I might end up on you tube for all I knoe LOL.

This afternoon after they were long gone on their way home Patty and I drove to Nanaimo to meet Aunty Irene, Aunty Claire Ben some of their grand kids Aunty Irenes daughter Valarie and her husband Lance and we all went to see Shrek 3. It was a pretty good movie, as good as but not better than the other two but we all enjoyed it. There were some funny scenes with a bit of adult humour as usual but not as good as in the last 2. Now we are home and relaxed and getting ready for bed. Patty is now looking forward to getting to meet someone from my family in 2 weeks.

Natalie took some better pictures with her new camera but accidently deleted them.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day !!!

Happy mothers day out there to all the mothers and soon to be moms. Very soon I hope and I bet she does too. Also to day is mom's birthday. I think mom used to get ripped off a little when her birthday fell on mothers day. Not that she would have complained. She just liked us all getting together to cellebrate anything.Back then we were a closer family. Not just by distance but by feelings. I think alot about that and one day there will be a blog where I let out my inner thoughts of family and how this last year has been.

This morning Ben and I made breakfast for Patty and delivererd it to her in bed. Ben made a real nice card and we went shopping for gifts to give to patty this morning. It wasn't planned but it ended up being a Dragon Fly day. Last week I picked up a couple stepping stones with Dragon Flies on them at Canadian Tire while I was out walking. The one was on sale last week the other is on sale this week. I'm pretty sure I have the receipt so will go get a couple bucks back. Ben didn't know about them and when I took him shopping I told him not just to grab any crap just to get it done but to try and think about things his mom likes. He spotted a rock that has a dragon fly on it and said mom loves dragon flies. It looks like a fosil, pretty cool! Then we were walking around looking and we spotted a Dragon Fly charm in sterling silve with little coloured stones for the wings. So we looked around a bit more and decided to grab the charm and a sterling silver necklace with the rock. I told Patty the the whole day will be planned around the football scrimmage because I know how much she loves football LMAO. But I told her if shes good I'll take her to Value Village and buy her something pretty. Well shes almost done getting ready so I better slap on some deodorant a t shirt and head out with my beautifull wife on this beautifull day for football!! Oh yeah I should probably throw on some pants too.

Looking forward to meeting my sister in-law and family next weekend when they come to the island to visit.

Lastly if anyone remembers a post a few weeks back about a Dr visit and changes I needed blah blah blah.... When Patty and I got married I was 227lbs and this week I am down to 205lbs. Not sure what my cholestrol is and I still like red meat but at least I've done part of it.