Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Post

Well I did a post earlier today but when I tried to go into spell check I lost my whole post so I'm not going to repeat it. Since nothing was new I was making a post about a blind date last Tuesday. She was a biker chick, not bad looking but there was no connection and it was mutual.

This post I just wanted to see if anyone was going to Gage Park on Saturday. There is a free concert and April Wine is one of the acts. They are not even the closing act so I'm assuming that the 2 following bands are pretty good. Looks like the band following them has the lead singer from Tea Party and the last band has the former front man from Big Wreck. For more info go here ... I'll probably be down there for April Wine. I know Tara is talking about comming down so here is something you might want to do.

Comming up soon is the Festival of Friends. Vince Neal from Motley Crew has his band there Saturday Night For the full lineup go here

For anyone interested the V.I. Raiders kicked some ass last night beating the South Surrey Rams (Last years division champions) 57 - 6. I listened to it on the internet broadcast. Next Saturday they are in Chilliwack which should be another good game. Thank God for the Raiders because the way the Ti Cats are playing it might turn me off of football.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Birthday Celebration

Last night on Karl's birthday he and Kris came down to Hamilton to take me to a football game for my birthday. Thanks Trudy, Jodi, Tara, Kris, and Karl !!! Mike, Karl, Kris and I went to the game. I must say at no fault to them....that was the worst gift I ever got LOL. The Cats SUCKED !!!! Probably the worst game I ever saw. I think the only first downs they got were because of Bomber penalties. Eakin looked like a highschool QB and the offensive line was non existent. When they did manage to give the QB time to throw the ball he threw it to the other team. I spent the first half of the game on the north side because I can take pictures better from that side. I gave up fast. Last game I went to I took about 400 pictures. This game it was in the 70's. I didn't even get a good shot of the cheerleaders this time. I met up with the gang at half time and sat with them for the rest of the game. The Cats were booo'd off the field at half time and I've never seen so many ppl leave so early. Like troopers we sat till the gun sounded. I only wished I had taken my camera to Solid Gold's after the game. It was a good night there but as the saying goes....what happens at Solid Gold's, stays at Solid Gold's !!! Enjoy the pictures I did take.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Some pictures

Well not alot going on here. Just day to day stuff with dad. He has a couple bad days and then he pulls out of it and has a couple good days. I gave him a Ti Cat jersey today and he had to put it on. Nurses in every day and most nights so Jean can get some rest. Terry, Rob and Annette drop by often. Karl is comming down thursday and he Mike and I are going to the Ti Cat game. Going to ask Ryan and Tyler but I have to know by morning so Karl can order tickets. Ryan bought himself a new Jeep so hopefully he'll come by and take me for a ride. Tyler is buyying the car off of Ryan so he will have his own wheels. Here are a few pictures I took in the back yard yesterday.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More animals

Well it hasn't been too long since my last update but here goes another. Two nights ago I had a rough night at Jean's house with all the tension thats around there. I had planned to go to Karl's for the day but decided I needed to get out before I said something I shouldn't. So when Jean got home from where ever she went I just jumped in my car and headed up north. About 10 minutes on the hwy Karl called and I told him that I was headed his way and that I needed to do some venting. Karl called and got the day off from his boss so we could spend the day together. It was nice that we got time to have a chat as we drove to Haliburton. I had to go see the wolves ! Karl is not really into it but I'm glad he came and to be honest he found it interesting. Not enough to go again mind you. Even if Karl doesn't want to admit it inside he liked it and I think hes changing a wee bit. He even pointed out a Monarch butterfly and told me I could go photograph it when it landed. He sat patiently waiting and even sudgested we go down the hall of the wolf centre to get closer to the pups. All in all I shot over 500 photos of the wolves. I want to thank my big brother for taking the time to go and do something I enjoy even tho it's not something he's really into. And for being there when I needed an ear to listen to my problems. I had a good time even tho it ended a little earlier than I wanted.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Baby birds

Tonight at supper time I was watching the BBQ while Annette ran to the drug store. Actually she drove. Anyways...there is allways alot of action in dad's back yard. Jean feeds the birds everyday and there are a couple bird baths so you never know what you might see. I have noticed the birds going in and out of the birdhouses but never really thought much of it because it's not spring anymore. I was a little surprised as to what I seen today. Here are some photos. The last one I cropped in real close for a better look. I couldn't get too close cause the mama would fly away and the babies would duck down inside.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

1 of 2

I woke up early this morning but because of miscomunication I didn't leave the house till 9am as I headed to see Ryan and Tyler play some touch football. I was told the game started at 9:30 but it actualy started at 9am. I was standing on the opposite sideline of the teams but then I thought I recognized Bob. When I took out my camera and zoomed in I knew it was Bob. Then I just had to look around and I noticed the boys. I stood on the sideline taking pictures and when they were close enough durring breaks in the play I hollered at them. Ryan came over and talked to me at half time but had to rush to get water before the second half started. Tyler plays defense and Ryan plays offence as well as rusher. Tyler was playing pretty tight coverage and knocked the ball away from one receiver and had a chance for an interception later but stepped back to let a team mate take it. Ryan had a few nice catches and was stopped on the goal line on a touchdown conversion. He also had a sack for a safety and a blocked punt to help lead his team to victory. It made me miss playing the game back when Karl and I were younger. It sure is a young mans sport.

2 of 2

I'm starting with 2 of hopefully 2 posts today. On this post I'm going to talk about going back into the forest off the Bruce Trail again only this time I had no sidekick to watch the bike or no bike. I decided I needed some air this morning so I went for a walk on the Bruce Trail. When I got to the spot where Mike and I had seen the deer the last time I climbed up the hill to take a look. It rained last night so it was a slippery climb. At first look when I reached the top I saw nothing but on futher examination I noticed 2 young female deer off to the left. They didn't hang around long but I decided to follow them for a while. They met up with 2 other females and never stopped long enough for me to find a good spot to shoot. I tried to tell them it wasn't a gun but they didn't seem to care. At one point I noticed something else close to them move and then I watched as a fawn ran over to one of the females. I took 2 pictures but with so much in the way they are not very good. I'm posting one anyways. I followed them around for about half an hour but after taking the photos of the fawn I never saw it again. I'm thinking that they hid it in the long grass and led me away. Then outta the blue the deer just scattered. One ran my way and the other 3 ran to the right of us. I followed the closest one thinking they would cross the path and join up again. I only ever saw the solo female after that. I can only assume that the other 3 circled back to the fawn while the solo female distracted me because she never got too far out of my sight. I decided to cut out and head back to my car. Because of the bright sun and the shadows I didn't get many good shots but here are a few anyways.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Biker Chick !!

Who ever would have thought that my sister would turn out to be a biker chick. Since Bob has bought his bike slowly and surely Annete has been going on longer and longer rides. Last week they went to Collingwood for a couple days. Yesterday Annette came in sporting a new tattoo on her ankle. I never would have guessed it in a million years but here it is.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rainy Days

Well I havn't had much to post about lately because I havn't gone anywhere or done anything. I've been pretty much a homebody. Last Sat. after some miscomunications I drove down to the beach and took a walk along Lake Ontario. Mike rode his bike down there and we went to a burger joint in Confederation park for lunch. Then I walked back to the car and Mike was deciding where to go for his ride and started of on his journey. I went to visit Dave and Jen DeVier in Stoney Creek. Dave had been out earlier on a bike ride and we talked about getting together for a ride. I like talking to Dave and Jen because they went through what I'm going through last year. Bunny DeVier (my second mom as a kid) passed away July 9 2005 from the same desease that has my father. It's that damn cancer. There was a time where you would hear about someone having cancer and you knew nothing about it other than what you had heard somewhere. Now adays no matter who you talk to they have a close friend or family member going through or have already gone through the wrath of this desease. You never realize the full effect untill someone you love gets it. And in talking to them (friends)you learn what is going to happen and how you can help if you can help at all. Everyone deals with it differently and the family suffers along with the victim. Stress levels are high and so are emotions. You have good days and bad days but you try and hide the bad days because you don't want your loved one to feel your pain. They are going through enough. This is a time when family should pull together. I kind of lost my train of thought because Jean just called me upstairs. Dad said he didn't feel right or he felt kind of funny. When I walked in the room he said to Jean why did you have to get Kevin ? She said because if he needed to sit up or something. I told dad that that's what I'm there for and no matter what it is he can call me. He told me it's ok and reached out and took my hand. I leaned down and kissed him and told him I loved him and tried to hide my tears. He told me that he loved me and that I am a great help to him and Jean.

I'm not sure where this post came other than from the heart. When I sat down here to write this I was just going to tell you about the weekend and then talk about doing up the venison steaks (thanks John)on the bbq last night after the rain. Then I was going to post some pictures I took after the rain in the backyard of some wet flowers. Guess I can still do that.