Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It was another nice spring day today so I thought I would share a couple photos from today for friends and family east of the Rockies. Temp is in double digits and sun is shining bright and will be this way for the next few days. Its funny because I had heard that if you see a Robin in the yard it meant spring was here. I cant remember not seeing Robins in the yard lol. Not to brag but.... ok just a little bragging WOW was this ever a good first winter in Victoria!! I'm still not one of those ppl that complain about the rain. It really doesnt rain as much as most ppl think.

Last weekend we had Gwen stay over. We were asked to take her Sunday night so Adam and Mary could get away for a night but Gwen wanted to stay at grandmas 2 nights and who are we to disappoint. Sunday morning Patty went to church so Gwen and I got to spend some quality time together. We played barbies and with play do and we went to the park with Dante to climb the rocks. I tried taking a couple videos which I dont do often and it appears Gwen likes the camera as much as I do! ( I really dont! lol)

I have more videos but its taking too long so Ill post later on youtube and put the link on here.

Friday, March 15, 2013

First 48

Warning some of the following could be graphic Viewer discretion is advised!!!

On the first 48 .....
Before 8am March 15, 2013 Patty Gower called in she had stumbled into a crime scene .... The CSI team was called in and roped off the area .... there was no victim found but lots of signs of a struggle and lots of (stuffing)brain matter spread around. The area was combed through for any evidence that might have been left by the perpetrator or DNA to identify who the victim might be. Police are combing the neighborhood for any witnesses

!!!!! UPDATE 1 !!!!
While canvasing the neighborhood a body was discovered.  Victims identity is unknown at this time. If you recognize the subject in the following photos please contact the crime unit at 1800wegonnagetyou the photos are graphic so viewer discretion is advised.

A possible witness has been found and is being brought in for questioning.

!!!!! UPDATE 2 !!!! 

After some coaxing Princess the cat was brought in for questioning. 

After 4 hours Princess gave us the name Dante the dog and a brief description. She said she was sleeping on the loveseat in the living room when the crime occured but has seen Dante in the area with the heart dog around midnight and she was sure she heard Dante growling and barking like he was mad about something.Princess has been known to hang out in the same areas as Dante but she swears she is not friends with Dante and was not with him last night.Dante is known to the authorities. He has a girlfriend named Sookie AKA Sook the Mook in the McKenzie ave area

The following is his mug shot

  !!!!All points bulletin has been issued!!!!

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Dante are asked to contact their local P.D.
He is considered  dangerous and might be carrying a weapon.
Do not try to apprehend on your own call in location immediately. 

!!!!!!! UPDATE !!!!!!

Suspect in Custody!

Last night at approximately 10:45 pm the suspect was caught outside his residence while squatting in the bushes. There was a short chase but he was eventually taken into custody without further incidence.  The suspect was brought in for questioning. After a short period of time the suspect asked for a lawyer. He is presumed innocent till found guilty in a court of law!