Saturday, February 14, 2015

Craigdarroch Castle

      Patty and I had an early supper and were sitting around watching crap on tv. Patty said we should go for a drive  to look at some of the big houses along the ocean. The only thing is it was now after 5pm and by the time we would get going it would be too dark to get a good look. I told her there were a couple places I wanted to check out for some night shots. When i mentioned the castle she said sure we should go check it out. I drive by the sign for it when I'm out driving bus.

       We grabbed Dante and my camera equipment and headed out. It wasnt a very long drive and was pretty easy to find although i drove into the exit. We got out of the car and started to look around and I thought yeah I could get some good shots. I pulled out the camera gear and started scoping out my first shot. I was also trying to help Patty out as she was taking photos with her phone. We spent about an hour walking around it taking photos from different angles. The lighting was not great it was old and was yellow so I knew I was going to be doing black and white.

       After we were done there we headed over to Beacon Hill Park. There is a fountain there and a stone bridge. When we got there the park was pretty dark so I left Patty in the car and went for a quick walk in the dark. When I finally found the fountain and bridge they were pretty dark so not good for photos. I believe the lights are on a timer and come on later as I had driven past after work and saw it lit up. I will go back again and try and get some photos.

       The next day Patty and I decided to go check out the castle in the day light. It was open for business so we paid the fee and went for a tour. They7 have no problem with people taking pictures so that's what we did. Its a very interesting building and has quite the history. The man who had it built in 1890 never lived to see it completed. His family did move in and stayed there for some years. His wife died in 1908 and after that the home was used as a military hospital, Victoria College, offices for for the school board and then the Victoria Conservatory of music and finally the Historic House Museum! It reminds you of Dundurn Castle or Stoney Creek Battle Field Museums in Hamilton. Of course after the tour we walked around the outside taking some day time overcast photos of it. I'm glad that Patty is now taking an interest in photography because its nice having her with me and she sees a different view of things than I see. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Some night shots of Craigdarroch Castle!

Some inside shots of Craigdarroch Castle

Thats Patty in the above and below photos after i went back to
the top of the stair well to take photos looking down.

Stained Glass Windows

The view and some architecture !

Day shots outside and some architecture!

Some colour shots!