Tuesday, June 30, 2009

this and that !

Well I want to do a post a week at least and sometimes more but haven't had the time and when I have the time I don't really feel like posting. I know my sisters are my 2 biggest fans and check frequently for updates. I do enjoy this at most times but stuff in my life that's going on that should make me feel sad has got me pissed off more than anything. Left alone it would have been over by now but the pot was stirred, stuff was said that shouldn't have been and I will admit it was by me but when backed into a corner what else do you do. Now I'm the bad guy.

I wasn't going to do this but maybe getting it off my chest will make me feel better. Now without going into the details here is what happened as I see it....

2 ppl had a problem with each other .... actually one person had a problem with with the other and didn't tell him or want to talk about it at the time. So they departed on bad terms and went on with their lives. A lot of stuff happened in each ones family that they couldn't share because they were not talking. Then after quite a while some emails started. Now there was an email sent that was very short and was interpreted wrong by the receiving person and so was never replied to thinking there was going to be a follow up which there wasn't. It never said in the short email that there would be another follow up but that is how it was taken. More time passed and as it passed the as usual the problem seemed to be going away. Time always seem to end the differences between them but this needed more time. There was an awkward meeting that felt better than expected but still awkward for both. Now because of the situation between the parties and that it hadn't been cleared up some decisions had been made that made some of the family of the one party hurt and or pissed off. There was a token gesture made which wasn't good enough but was the best that could happen in the situation. After time there was another email by someone from the family. It wasn't received well because the one party thought that the person sending the email should not get involved. More emails went back and forth and then something was said although it was true probably shouldn't have been said but then multiple emails came in from multiple persons and an apology was sent with no reply. Now the person that started this wanted to have a phone call but because of upcoming surgery and stress it was asked to be put off for a while. Recently things have come up and been added on to this that I don't think I will be able to overcome or forget. I have been hurt by someone that I had been the closest to for many years. Now I had never shared my emails with anyone but I had discussed them with other family members because it wasn't between them and they have their own problems. One even asked me to forward an email and I wouldn't. It's my problem to deal with.

I truly never meant to write about this but its the thing that is on my mind the most. Now I don't think it will help matters but from my point of view it can't make it worse cause it's as bad as it can be. Can it get better ? I'm really not sure but the bigger question is do I want to try and make it better ? I feel I was given an ultimatum and I don't do well with those. I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't hurt but one way or another the situation has to end. Writing this will make me out to be the bad guy because the reason this thing started has disappeared and the blame has now shifted on the person that didn't answer an email.

What I did want to talk about was the Tragically Hip concert that Patty and I went to a week ago. Don't have time to now as I got work to do around here. Also looking forward to my sisters coming out for a visit hopefully in August. Be nice to show them around the island. Hopefully Terry will be up for it! I moved my computer downstairs and Patty is getting ready to fix up the new guest room. The weather here will probably be more bearable than it would be in Ontario at that time.

Football is starting and the Raiders are holding camp in Duncan again. The Cats are starting regular season too. I hope they finally have their stuff together this year! Well gotta run!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Congrats Mary!

Last Thursday Patty and I went down to Victoria to watch Mary graduate from UVic. It was a huge ordeal with lots of pomp and pageantry. They have this whole thing where the head master and other top people dress up like in the old days. The auditorium was really big and really nice and layed out like a theater so there was no bad seat in the house. Mary's dad was there and we had little Gwen although Patty took her for a walk out to the lobby when she started to fuss. They had a huge screen out front so Patty could still watch it while Gwen played with the other kids. Mary graduated with her masters in something or other LOL. I still zone out when it comes to education as I never did like school. Afterwords we went to Milestones for a nice dinner then had to rush home for work.

On a sad note we got a call early Sunday morning that Aunt Claire's daughter Julie had suddenly became ill and was rushed to the hospital where she passed away. She had no known problems so an autopsy will be done Tuesday. They figure she might have been born with a heart defect that had gone unnoticed. I had met Julie on more than a few occasions and she was a beautiful young woman of only 28 very friendly but on the quiet side. Last summer I fixed her car by replacing an alternator and when she tried to pay me I told her a hug was all I needed. Julie had a husband of 10 years or so named Chris and two brothers Sam and Eric. She was truly an angel as I had never ever heard one bad thing about her. She will be missed by anyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting her. Keep smiling Julie you are always in our hearts!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday weekend!!!

Well I'm a little behind on my blogging but that's because I've been so damn busy. Too much work and not enough play but last weekend I went away just to play. A friend of mine named Andrew Harris is taking a shot at the CFL. He still has one year left in junior but hes a very gifted and talented player and the BC Lions know this. Well he was invited to rookie camp and after that he was invited to main camp.

I went over on thursday for 4 days of hanging around football practice and also visiting with Jodi, Joan and the kids M & M. Also Scott was there as he is moving in while he is renovating his place in Chilliwack. Anyways I left thursday morning driving to Departure Bay in Nanaimo to catch the 12:30 ferry. When I got there I was informed that the ferry was full but that the Duke point 12:45 ferry still had room. I had to race there which is just outside the south end of Nanaimo. I made it and was in the last 20 cars loaded. The fun started when I got to the other side because I don't know Twassen at all and got lost and ended up at the USA border crossing. I zipped around and after asking directions a couple times I was in Abbotsford but then I needed directions to the practice field. A guy in a brand new charger got me to follow him then at a stop light he got out and told me to turn left then right and I did and there were the BC Lions out on the field. It didn't take me long to find #33 and I also talked to coach Snoop of the VI Raiders. After the practice Andrew came over and chatted with me but then had to go to the training room for a rub down and an ice bath.

I went to the Friday morning practice and got to hang out with Andrew but after the later practice was canceled I went back to Jodi's and helped by cutting the lawn. We had a BBQ for my birthday and no cake because I'm not eating junk food but I did have some sherbert ice cream. The weather the whole weekend was amazing and I got quite brown/red. We watched some TV then it was off to bed and another early rise to go to practice.

After the first practice they had a kids camp and I hung out and took photos of Andrew helping out. Then I went for a drive and almost got lost then found a park that had a trail around a lake and went for a walk. I took many pictures on the walk. In total I probably took about 1500 photos in 4 days. I won't just bore you with the story I will add some photos. I stopped and bought a BC Lions hat which I got Andrew to sign and I told him if he plays this year I will buy a jersey with #33 on it. Now I'm not changing to a BC Lions fan I'm just an Andrew Harris fan although I feel Hamilton hasn't done anything in more than a few years to keep me or any other fan of theirs happy.

I went to practice again took many photos and hung out with Andrew and some of the other players then headed back to Jodi's. Her and Scott ended up getting pizza as they were back late from moving Scot's stuff. Jodi made a great breakfast Sunday morning then I said my goodbyes and was off to a different field to watch scrimmage and fan day festivities. The BC Lions make a huge deal out of it and had more than 3000 fans out to watch. I met Andrews aunt and uncle and chatted with them a while. Then I found Andrew and we wandered around so he could check things out. He had to stop every 30 seconds to sign an autograph. It was pretty cool to watch. Andrew got in for about 6 plays while I was there and 3 were to him. He must have got in after I left because he had some more receptions and carries but I had to get back to the island and my wife.

It was nice to get away but I wish Patty had come over and met me. Except that she doesn't like football but there was lots of time to do other things. Especially get lost!

Monday, June 08, 2009

On Sunday Patty said she was taking Ben and his friend Dinesha to a park that had a river to swim in and a tree rope to swing on. I told her if she went early enough I could go but I had to work at Wal-Mart at 2pm. We got up early to get ready then Ben went next door and came back asking if there was room for Tammy the mother of Dinesha. We said sure 3 kids or 2 it didn't matter and then off to Wally's we went to get some juice and sandwich making stuff to have a picnic. There is a rickety old suspension bridge you have to cross and funny thing is I had no problem with it but Patty was slowed down a bit by its bouncing and swaying. We crossed it and found a nice spot to settle then the kids went for a swim. I wandered around with my camera and ventured into the river only up to my knees. It was freaking cold! There was a big group of campers from a school in Victoria enjoying the park with their family and lots of dogs! They must have been hippies because the teachers either had the hairiest under arms you've ever seen or wore t-shirts with nothing under them....not that I noticed LOL. Did I mention the water was cold? Well Patty and Tammy relaxed and the kids swam then we ate and went over to the park to play. Patty and Tammy were having more fun than the kids! Before heading back home we walked a trail and then went to see what the camping area was like in case we decide to go back. It was a very nice little place I only wish I could remember the name of it. Oh well at least I know where it is!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The move!

Well last weekend we were very busy helping Adam, Mary and Gwen move into their new place. They moved out of an apartment and into an attached home very close to where they were living. I forgot how much it sucks moving out of an apartment. 2 ppl were taking stuff to the elevators, 1 person was loading stuff on the elevator then unloading it in the lobby and 2 ppl were dragging the stuff down the street to the truck. It was quite a walk to where the truck had to be parked. Eventually we grabbed one of the upstairs guys to come down to help load the truck. It took forever or so it seemed. Then we drove over to the new place and backed up close to the door and the stuff just flew off the truck. The women were upstairs cleaning and packing and taking care of Gwen. After it was done I said I was starving (whats new lol) so we dicided to go to Boston Pizza for supper.

Sunday we went back down to clean out the storage area and Patty was cleaning like crazy then the other women took a car load over to the new place and started to unpack. We dropped off Adam and Mary's stuff and had a few things we had to take to Joey and Nadines over at Bear Mountain. What a beautiful area that is. I backed the big truck a long driveway up to the service elevator loading area. It only took one load. We played with their baby a bit then I dropped Adam and Ben off and took the truck back.

When I got back to the apartment I asked Patty if she would mind if I went back home because Lelaine was in a swim meet and I wanted to get some pictures. I gotta say the weather was perfect all weekend and boy is it hot now! Most of Lelaines swimming was the day before where she got 2 gold and 2 silver medals. I took lots of pictures of the team and did get a shot of Lelaine swimming but not a real good one. Freestyle is hard to judge when they are going to take a breath and then you have to hope its on your side. Lelaine waited till I switched sides then she did. I hope to be able to go to another meet and get some better shots. After that I went back to Adam and Mary's new place where most of the unpacking was done and Patty was cooking some Manacotti. mmmm mmmm mmmm was it ever good!

I discovered that Gwen likes my necklace as she was grabbing at it every chance she got. Its the wolf paw one which I had to replace the hemp necklace Jodi had made for it so I tried my luck and made my own. Jodi's had lasted quite a while but the pendant wore through eventually. When Gwen gets bigger I will make her a new hemp necklace and will give her this pendant that she wants so bad. We were trying to get her to crawl so I took the necklace off and put it on the floor in front of her. She tried so hard to get her legs moving but they just didn't co operate! I almost forgot Gwen stayed at our place Saturday night but we were all so tired we sat around a bit then all went to bed.