Monday, June 08, 2009

On Sunday Patty said she was taking Ben and his friend Dinesha to a park that had a river to swim in and a tree rope to swing on. I told her if she went early enough I could go but I had to work at Wal-Mart at 2pm. We got up early to get ready then Ben went next door and came back asking if there was room for Tammy the mother of Dinesha. We said sure 3 kids or 2 it didn't matter and then off to Wally's we went to get some juice and sandwich making stuff to have a picnic. There is a rickety old suspension bridge you have to cross and funny thing is I had no problem with it but Patty was slowed down a bit by its bouncing and swaying. We crossed it and found a nice spot to settle then the kids went for a swim. I wandered around with my camera and ventured into the river only up to my knees. It was freaking cold! There was a big group of campers from a school in Victoria enjoying the park with their family and lots of dogs! They must have been hippies because the teachers either had the hairiest under arms you've ever seen or wore t-shirts with nothing under them....not that I noticed LOL. Did I mention the water was cold? Well Patty and Tammy relaxed and the kids swam then we ate and went over to the park to play. Patty and Tammy were having more fun than the kids! Before heading back home we walked a trail and then went to see what the camping area was like in case we decide to go back. It was a very nice little place I only wish I could remember the name of it. Oh well at least I know where it is!


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