Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thanks for the scare Alice!

Well I just had a fun hour here. I was talking to my sister Alice (Terry) on the phone when the line went quiet in the middle of our conversation. My phone showed we were still connected but it was just quiet. I kept saying hello hello for a couple minutes and then when that didn't work I hung up and called her back. The answering machine picked up right away so I figured she was trying to call me back so I hung up and waited a couple minutes. I tried again and the answering machine picked up again so I thought she was either still trying me or was talking to someone else. I waited a few more minutes and called with the same result. I decided to call the operator but all they could do is try the number and they got the answering machine as well. I decided to call Bell and the first operator was useless and gave me a number to call which was the exact number I had used to get her. The next operator(Mark) was very helpfull although we couldn't accomplish anything because he said she was not one of their customers. He asked if there was anything to be concerned about and I said there are some health concerns and she is on medication that could have caused her to black out or something but I didn't want to panic yet. So I hung up and called Rogers and after a few minutes they decided she was not a customer of theirs so they told me to call Bell and get them to do a port eligibility test and they could find out what company she was with. So I called Bell again and after a very short time they said to call the local police in Hamilton if I didn't want to call 911. So I looked up the number and after 3 or 4 questions they patched me into 911 and said better to be safe than sorry. They said they would send an ambulance and so I warned them about the big dog in the house and they said they better send the police too. I told them he was harmless but better safe then sorry. In between calling Bell and Rogers and the police I kept trying Dennis and Mandy without any luck. I even looked up Marianne's last name and found her brothers number but got an answering machine there. I don't have Shawn's number and he only has a cell. I had tried Annette's number but didn't want to panic her but wanted to let her know what was going on. Finally Mandy appeared online and I got her to call me. She said her mom was there and had to go home because her neighbor had ran down because the ambulance was at Terry's. I said to Mandy I'm glad her moms ok but that I was starting to get worried and since I couldn't get anyone else I decided on 911. Mandy said she would give her mom shit because she could have gone to Mandy's to call me. Terry is with Cogeco and all her services had gone down so no internet, no phone, no cable TV. Terry called me after the ambulance left and thanked me and apologized and said she was still shaking from all of this. I was just glad she was ok. A little while later Terry called to tell me the police had just left and she was still shaking. She asked them about the dog and what would they do and the one officer said he would send the other one in first. They said you can usually tell with dogs but if they were not sure they would shoot him ... with bear spray. They chatted with Terry a bit making sure she was ok and then they left and she called me back. When I told her this was going to end up on my blog she said mention that the ambulance guys were real cute and that the police officers were not bad either. Glad your alright Alice!

Just a note for non family members that don't know some history. In 1986 my mother was on the phone with someone when she had a heart attack and passed away. The person talking to her said my mother just stopped talking but she could here the TV on in the background. She tried a few things and then called 911 (if they had it back then)The police went in and found my mom. I have heard of a couple other situations like this so after a while it was in my thoughts but I didn't want to panic.

Only because Terry is a HUGE sports fan I'll mention that the Canucks won game one in their first round best of seven playoff series!! Game 2 is Friday!


At Thursday, April 16, 2009 3:47:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kev thank you so much for caring
enough to go through all that to make sure I was all right!!!! I was going to call you as soon as
service was back on,I should have called from Mandys.Ambulance guys
were very nice and so were the Police,they were just glad eveything was ok.Sorry I put you
through that !! Luv Alice

At Friday, April 17, 2009 1:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey kev.....good job calling the ambulance ..better safe then sorry....hows that for brotherly you lots xxx annette

At Saturday, April 18, 2009 10:37:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way Kev I am NOT a fan of any sports


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