Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy 90th birthday aunt Gladys !

Well last weekend was aunt Gladys' 90th birthday and Paul had a get together for some of the family at a restaurant called Just Jakes. Patty and I had never been there but its right down town and was easy to find with Paul's directions. Lets see who all was there .... Angie and Scott and his daughter, Kevin and his girlfriend, Corey and his girlfriend (I'm terrible at remembering names) Paul and Dimples and Lelaine, Aunt Gladys and a friend of hers and Patty and me (Casey or KC) Yes out here I'm still called KC and I kind of like it. There were a couple times when Paul was calling Kevin and I would answer just to screw him up. It was a fun evening with everyone telling stories and clowning around and we all had a great meal followed by some birthday cake. Angie was talking to Patty about us getting together with them more often. I got their number so we can hook up again soon.

Kevin and Lelaine

Aunt Gladys and Angie

Lelaine and Paul

Dimples and Lelaine

Aunt Gladys and her cake and no Lelaine

Corey, Lelaine and Kevin

Well 5 days to my surgery and all is still ok. Can't wait to get it over with so I can bug my Dr about some other problems I have. Thought Id have more to post about but Gwen and her parents were not feeling well so we didn't go to visit them this weekend. Patty and I went to Nanaimo for a movie then we had the neighbors over for dinner and Twilight movie. I really wasn't looking forward to watching this but I put on my big girl panties and actually enjoyed the movie. They are filming part 2 on Long Beach in Tofino so Patty and I might go there this weekend and see if we can find where they are filming. I'll do my best not to scream hysterically if we find them. Well off to bed goodnight.



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