Tuesday, February 03, 2009

About time !

Thought before anyone told me I'd post another blog. Its hard when not much is going on in my life. Still living, still loving and still very much in love with my wife!

First off the tax man has finally caught up to me. After sending me about $1800 for past returns they realized I owe them money. I called and talked to someone and asked why they wouldn't just keep my money till the final total was in. She didn't have an answer as she thought they would have kept the money they sent me to pay off the old one that I owe on. Stupid government!!! So the taxes I owe for 2004 with late charges and interest has tripled in the amount originally owed. I'm making payments on it now. Would like to be caught up before I find out how much I owe for last year.

Friday I went into Vic Truss to get some medical forms and talked to a few ppl like the owner but avoided others like the manager. Didn't work too well as an hour or so after I got home they called me to start back Monday (yesterday). I was enjoying my time away and hoped they would wait till the end of this month. Not sure how long this will last as it just might be to get caught up from last year when we got all the snow. Boy was I hurting when I got home last night!! Patty woke up as I was getting ready to climb into bed. She must have heard my creaking old bones. She offered me a back rub and I never refuse those lol. It felt so good and then it started to heat up and really made me feel better. Isn't she the best!

Saturday we had a visit from Gwen and she brought along her parents and Mary's mom. We had a nice visit and of course I took a few pictures. She gets bigger every time I see her. Can't wait till shes walking and talking. Sunday we got up and drove down to their place where we all went out for brunch with some friends of theirs and their not so little baby boy Jacob. He is a cute kid but reminds me of Tyler when he was a baby. Growing very fast and eating anything he can get his hands on. Hes not shy and I took him for a while before or breakfast showed up. Patty and I took turns cause hes so big you get tired quickly especially if your lifting him up in the air. Aparently Jacob and Gwen are going out on a play date on Valentines day. We told them to take lots of pictures.

Well tomorrow is my big day. I go for the CT scan so no breakfast for me. I can't wait to get it over with and find out the result. I wonder how long before I can go into surgery. Whatever it is I want it out. I will post the results after I see my Dr probably Monday ?

Friday is Patty's birthday and I'm not working at Vic Truss because I was already scheduled at Wal-Mart. Adam, Mary, and Gwen are hoping to come up so we can all go out to dinner. Patty likes the Rock Cod Cafe in Cowichan Bay. It will be a little early so I can get to work around 6pm. Other than that I'm working all weekend so not much going on. Also Patty isn't working that day so we can spend it together. If she plays her cards right she just might get breakfast in bed, which means I'll have to get up and drive Ben to school.


At Saturday, February 07, 2009 10:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

those pics of patty and the baby are beautiful..

At Sunday, February 08, 2009 6:27:00 PM, Anonymous mandy said...

Gwen is SOOOOO cute and getting big SOOOOOOO fast. I bet you are the bestest PAPA ever


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