Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lucky Leafs !

I gotta say I love how my Canucks did last week on the road trip and then in the comeback win over Detroit the other day. I hope Luongo isn't out too long but I also don't want them to rush him back so that we have to hear about his nagging injury. Let him heal properly then there are no excuses.

I'm a little worried about the Maple Leafs. Not that they will amount to anything this year as usual but if/when they sign Brian Burke that will be the best thing they have ever done to that organization since they last won a Stanley Cup. If he can't get them to the cup (and I hope he doesn't) nobody can. I wish the Canucks had got him back instead of him going to Toronto. I do think that will take them out of the running for Sundein's return. I'd kinda like to see him come to the Canucks but we are doing pretty good without him. If he did go back to the Leafs I would say good for him but I honestly think he will join San Jose because he wants to be on a winning team or one that he thinks will go to the Stanley Cup final. I will hate him more than when he was with the Leafs if he goes there. They have an under 17 national hockey tournament coming to the area and I hope to get to a few games. Won't be the same as the juniors tourney in Ottawa this year but it will have to do. I plan on watching a lot of that as usual if the wife lets me LOL. She'll be working for most of it I think. Wal-Mart is getting crazy busy now and not looking forward to the nut heads that shop there when I work this weekend. I'm one of those nut heads because I shop there all the time.

Worst thing is I won't get to see little Gwen. Patty was down there last night and went for a drive and walk with Gwen and Mary. She was really nice to me last night because on the way home she stopped and got me a sandwich and soup for my break at lunch. I sat in the car with her and downed it while she talked about how beautiful Gwen is. Says shes growing every time she sees her.

Wed. night we are going to Nanaimo for dinner at the Keg. Its a Christmas get together for the employees of Meicor the property management place I work for. I'll get to meet the other landlords from the south island area. I've only met 2 others but have talked to one or two more on the phone. Should be a good time but if not should be a good meal.

Well off to get ready for work. Should be warmer tonight as its raining outside. We've actually had frost on the car the last couple nights! Ta ta!


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