Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm in Love !!!!

Yeah I know your all going to think this is another blog about how much I love my wife and I really do. But this is about another beautiful little angel that has came into our lives and into our hearts not so long ago. I'm talking about a young girl who will grow up calling me Papa G. Our little grand daughter Gwen. We went down to visit Mary Adam and Gwen and its been a while since I had seen her. But of course she stole my heart away as I know she has stolen Patty's heart every time she sees our little princess. She is getting big and that's probably because she eats like a pig. They are not kidding when they say babies sleep eat and poop and not necessarily in that order. It was about every 2 hours that she wanted to chow down but it seemed like every 15 minutes. Then right after she chowed down Adam would take over and burp her. He sure is a very proud father and very protective too. He made sure his big brother had washed his hands good before he was allowed to hold little Gwen. We all took turns holding her and hugging her and loving her and of course I took lots of pictures. Here are just a few of the ones I took today.


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