Sunday, September 27, 2020

June 12, 2020

      The Weekend of June 12th Patty and I decided we needed to get away. Lucky for us we have some friends in Port Alberni and Val and Kerry were gracious enough to let us stay in their spare room. They have spare bedrooms upstairs with a bathroom in between and their bedroom and bathroom is downstairs so we could easily social distance. 

     There was a little get together that night as there were two people  celebrating birthdays. Myself and Moose. Tex showed up with his friend Lynn and it turned out it was her birthday too. We spread out the chairs and sat out front again social distancing laughing and chatting into the evening. It was a very nice evening with friends. 

     After everyone was gone Kerry and i decided to hop into the hot tub. I saw a little more of Kerry than I wanted to and had to remind him my wife was in the house with his wife. He decided to keep his shorts on. I had heard about an old mill not far from their house so the next morning we drove over and took the dogs for a walk around the property. The office was closed but you were allowed to wander around and check it out. Of course i had my camera and took a few pictures.

Following is part one of the photos from the hike around the McLean Mill