Monday, June 26, 2017

Kamloops part 3

     So when we took that drive and almost ran out of gas this is where we were headed. "Quilchena"

This place was a lot closer to Merritt than I thought it would be. We went in and they had a buffet type brunch and since I was doing the low carb thing it was perfect for me. I had 2 platefulls of eggs, bacon, and sausages both pork and beef. I probably enjoyed it way more than the ladies with me especialy mom cause she was hoping for a burger. Sorry mom!

      After brunch we went for a walk around the property to take some photos. Its a nice old country place on the old hwy in a real quiet area. Was a beautiful day for this trip. Nice to get out. Also by now the women were over me almost running out of gas or at least they had stopped mentioning it. I thought it added some excitement to our adventure.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Kamloops part 2 of ?

       So for the last 4 years or so we have gone to Kamloops for my birthday. It works out good because I can always seem to book 2 weeks off in June. It would be harder in July and august but I could probably get 2 weeks off together in those months every 3 years. 

         One of the places I always like to get to at least once per visit is the park with the bird sanctuary. You never know what your going to see there. There are so many different birds that seem to go there. Some birds are quite inquisitive and will come in close to see you. Others like to keep there distance. They have a bench where I just sit and relax and wait for a photo op. When it comes to editing I realize I tend to take too many photos and its a bit of a pain when I'm trying to pick which ones to post. Patty and mom go off for a walk and they usually end up coming down near me and then wandering off again waiting for me to get bored and catch up. I don't usually get bored but I know they do so I eventually wander up to see where they are. They were relaxing on a bench near the water park so I talked them into letting me take a couple photos. They are both the same as they let me but then they have to check out the photos and let me know if I have to delete them or not. It was a gorgeous out and there were lots of different birds to be seen.

I was hoping to see a muskrat again this year. I saw my first one there last year.

A sign that is posted, do people not know this?

A very pretty bird but never gets too close.

A butterfly with the number 8 on its wings

Ants like you wouldn't believe I thought the ground was moving

A small hawk I noticed from moms couch!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 2017 pt1 of ?

Woke up the other morning and the first thing that popped into my head was
Holy Fuck I'm 55!!
I don't feel that old .....
Where does the time go? Can't say that time is going by fast but then again my memory is pretty bad so it could be and I just forgot.

I'm not sure if any one has noticed but I'm not on Facebook that much any more. I do pop on once in a while but so many things pop up that i missed. And it keeps getting worse because now if some one posts something you get a notice saying "did you see that Kevin posted a picture today? Be the first to comment  on it". I do have to admit that I might miss some birthdays because like I said my memory is bad and the one good thing about Facebook is it tells you when someones birthday is or in my case when it was! Sorry if I missed yours!

I did pop on a few times and saw all the birthday greetings I got. I tried to read and like every one but some I found were comments on some one else s post like on Patty's and if she didn't mention it I wouldn't have seen some of them. I also got a few phone calls and some texts that are a little more personal and nice to see some one took a bit more effort especially since every one has such busy lives. Thank You to every one from the bottom of this old heart!

Things are good out here. Still loving my job driving the Bus. There have been a couple of regulars that passed away this past winter and it was kind of sad to hear. One old woman that used to collect bottles late at night and catch my #6 because it was the last one and would ask to be dropped off in front of her house. It had been quite a while since I had seen her. The other was an older homeless gentleman named Peter. I used to get Peter on my #26 quite often. He always remembered my name and he never wanted anything from me. I had told him I would like to take him for lunch some day but he really didn't want it.  I had a young woman from UVIC stop and thank me for being so nice to him. She said some drivers weren't. I liked him and he never bothered any one. Worst thing I could say about him is he always got up too early to get ready to get him and his cart off the bus and I was always afraid he might fall. I told him I know where your getting off so don't worry. Once in a while he would drop something and bend over to pick it up as I was coming to a stop and he'd almost fall and I would say Peter wait till I stop I don't want you to fall.  One time he was getting off and a guy that was waiting for the bus to get his friend on said something kind of rude to Peter just as I was closing my door and I opened my door and said excuse me? Peter said Kevin he's  not worth it just let it be so I said OK Peter but you shouldn't have to put up with that. The Karma thing that came out of that was the guys friend or girlfriend was going into Esquimalt but I was the last bus and only went to uptown. They were late and had missed the earlier bus so she either walked or called a cab. I wasn't rude to her but I had to explain that Uptown was my last stop and I was heading back to the depot.

Well we just got back from Kamloops and visiting mom, Natalie, Peter, Donny, Michele and the girls. We have gone there in June for my birthday the last 3 years. Always have a good time! I was bugging Patty and Mom that it was time for me to start wearing shorts, black socks and sandals. Michele said she would pretend she didn't know me if I dressed like that. So of course I ran out and got black socks and was wearing them with shorts when Donny and Michele showed up. We all got a laugh then Patty told me to go get dressed. 

Sunday Mom, Patty and I headed out to go for lunch at a place called Quilchena. It was a nice drive on the old hwy and we saw lots of eagles. One thing I found out if you want to make a trip interesting and your with a couple women forget to check the gas before you leave! Half way into our trip I noticed we were running on empty. It didn't go over to well. We decided to turn back and get gas and I had to hear about it all the way to the gas station. Good thing is we didn't run out because I would have heard about it for ever! The car gets 538 kms on a full tank which is handy to know. Funny thing is I never set the trip meter but for some reason I had before we left Victoria. Yeah it's still funny to look back on but don't mention it to Patty or her mom. No sense of humor LOL

Here is a short video on the first part of that trip!
[no sound which is a good thing]

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

two posts what do you know!

      Im working hard on doing a better job of keeping up my blog. I truly enjoy when I finally get time to sit down and do a post. Most times when I sit down I may have an idea of what I want to write about and then I have too much trying to come out. Like I've had an idea to write about for a while and finally sat down at my computer to write and other things are popping up in my brain right this second!Ok now there is nothing in my brain and I 'm wondering what I'm doing sitting at my computer.

       I think I live a pretty simple life although I am very busy. Not afraid to work hard although its getting tougher as I get older. Can't do what my brain thinks I can still do but I try. This past week I've been getting home from bus driving after midnight, take the dog out for a pee then have a snack before bed time. I set my alarm for 7:45 get up take Dante out then go pick up a friend [Joe] then going to the apartment building owners place to work on an empty suit she has there. On my normal days off I stay there 6 - 8 hours and on days I drive bus I have to leave around 1pm to go home and shower before I start driving. Today is my first total day off but I went outside and started spring cleaning around the building. Later I'm heading to Langford to babysit my 2 grand daughters [Ben's 2]. Tomorrow I get up early and go babysit Jack for about 4 hours then I start back at my bus driving job. See very simple lol.

     I've done lots and seen lots over the years and have so many wonderful memories. So many things when I was a kid camping in Echo Hills Park, Fantasy Island, Ireland, building go carts riding in dune buggies, riding mini bikes, hanging out with the neighbor hood kids from Brittannia Ave, the close bonds we had with our cousins, All the friends I met, horse back riding .... Then growing up going to the Kentucky Derby, Football and baseball games, concerts, failing grade 7 ..... TWICE!, getting first car getting first motorcycle, Family get together s for weddings,Christmas and such the list goes on and on and on and on! This is kind of off topic and kind of on topic.

       Moving out west I've been able to experience things that wouldn't have been available to me in Ontario. I had never planned on getting married but met Patty and within weeks we were married. That was 10 years ago holy crap! She has 3 awesome boys and they are all married and producing grand kids for us. I think Adam and Mary have room for one more even though they say no. It isnt the first time they said no then went against it. Hello Jack lol. Grand kids are awesome  and I love them to pieces. I just want to be there for them when ever possible. Whale watching the first time was an experience you never forget. I still love doing it but the first time is the most memorable to me. Other times have been almost as good having whales go under our boat and pop up 5 feet from the boat. 2 years ago I went grizzly watching another amazing thing to do. Want to do it again but don't think it would be as good as the first time but still very enjoyable I'm sure.

       And now for the main reason for this post! Last year I got a chance to do something pretty amazing! Al is in the navy and I told him I've always wanted to go out for a sail on a navy vessel. He has taken me for a tour twice when he had to get some of his things off the ship.  I thought it was pretty cool but after him living on it for months he didn't lol. I had bugged Al quite a bit but never really thought it would happen. One day out of the blue Al called me and asked if I was still interested in going for a ride on his ship. I said are you freaking kidding me of course I do. They were going to have a family day and we would be spending the day on the ship and they were going to show us what it could do and what some of the jobs on the ship were and that they would even serve us lunch. Well I couldn't wait for the day to come. Al picked me up very early and we went to Tim's then headed to the naval base. Al told me he had to be there early and I said I didn't mind. I followed him around like a puppy dog. Now Al is a pretty big bragger about how good he is and how much he is needed and I've always got a little chuckle out of that. Well Al's boss shows up and Al tells them what they have to get done that they had forgotten. I forgot to mention that Al was not supposed to be working that day cause he had me there. Didn't take long to see that Al was not kidding about how much he is needed on the ship. We ended up going to where the flags are kept and Al helped them get ready which is part of his job. They have to know which flags to raise when they leave port and in which order they are to be in. While we were there another seaman kept coming and asking Al what he was supposed to do at certain times. Al would explain it to him and he would thank Al and leave. Then he would come back a few minutes later and ask another question. Al was very good at explain what and how he should be doing his job. Eventually the ships captain came and asked Al if he would mind going to the bridge and taking over for the other seaman. Al introduced me to him and he told me to come along. It was fun watching Al work and I was proud to be there with him.

      We ended up joining one of the tour groups and wandering around the ship to different departments. I got to try on the fireman's outfit which was freaking heavy. I was one of the only adults to do it. I got to hold one of the rifles they carry on board and played around with a machine gun off the side of the ship. Didn't get to fire it but got to cock it and it took me three tries. They made it look easy. When we were out on the ocean they showed us what the ship could do. They took it up to full speed which I believe is 40 knots then they told us to hang on and did a hard right turn for a 360 and then a hard left turn for 360 then they straightened it out and came to a full stop. The ship has to stop within 2 boat lengths. They did a man overboard drill then had a helicopter come by and show us a couple different ways they do rescues. While that was going on a pod of porpoises came along us for a short while. When they served us lunch and were hanging around on the deck a real emergency call came over the speaker. They told everyone to stay where we were and that all seamen were to report to duty. Al had to go man his station. Apparently there was some smoke that set off a fire alarm but everything was good. Al and I returned to the bridge and we went into port up front on the ship.

     It was an awesome day and another thing I will never forget till my Alzheimer sets in. The way I forget things I bet I'm a good candidate for it. I really cant thank Al enough for letting me go on this excursion with him. I brag to everyone at work about this day and how great a seaman Al is. He really knows his stuff. Thanks again Al!

Okay enough chatter lets get to some pictures!