Tuesday, January 08, 2019


Some photos of Santa visiting our building!

Hes a Tiger Cat fan!






and last but not least Dante!

Monday, October 08, 2018

Karl visits BC

       Well I'm sure most of you know by now that my brother Karl came out to BC for a visit. I caught the first ferry over to Vancouver to meet him at the airport. We went for a drive around Vancouver stopping for lunch and some sight seeing. We checked ot the football stadium and water front as well as the Olympic torch and Gas town. We then went and found a place to stay and had a nap before the game.

     We took a cab to the stadium and bought end zone seats and as usual we did the Ti Cat shuffle and ended up on the 30yd line. We did get bumped from seats twice but the second person was nice and told us the seats beside her were usually empty. It was a very exciting game and we thought we had it in the bag but being the CFL anything can happen and it did. With 35 seconds left BC was marching down the field and scored a TD with no time on the clock. They went for the two point conversion and the play was called incomplete. The announcer even declared the Ti Cats the winner but we knew something was up. After video replay it was called a complete 2 point conversion and the game went into OT where we ended up losing. The following week the Ti Cats took it to BC and crushed them pretty bad.

      Sunday we headed for the island and home where I had planned a family bbq. The only person that couldnt be there was Al cause he was on a train to Ottawa. It went pretty well and Karl got to meet all my grand kids and there parents. Good food good laughs and the kids had lots of fun running around. Monday was a quiet day I had to work so I drove around with Karl showing him the city in the morning. I had to work and thought it would be best if Karl caught up on some sleep.

     Tuesday I had Mary drop Jack off in the morning and Karl, Jack and I took a bus downtown then walked to fisherman's wharf. Karl got to try Barb's Fish and chips then we went whale watching with my friend Cpt. Ron of Sea King Adventures. It was a great day for it as the sun was shinning and the ocean was calm. We spent over 3 hours out on the water watching whales and seals playing in the water. Karl and Jack did a little bonding and became very close. It was a fun day!

Jack napping on Karl on trip out but woke up in time for whales

Race rock lighthouse and protected marine area

Sea Otter very rare only one known is this area.

William Head Prison

We took a water taxi from Fisherman's Wharf to Esquimalt

waiting for the water taxi

      Wednesday afternoon Karl came to work with me. He was a trooper and rode around on the bus with me for my whole shift. He got to 5 different routes with me starting at the yard in Langford, deadheading to the hospital, downtown, Uvic, the Legislature building, Langford exchange and Sooke in the dark. We even had time to stop at McDonalds. It was a long night and he spent most of it standing since there is no seat close to the driver. I made sure he stayed behind the red line at all times.

Out at UVIC

      Thursday I had a family day from work because I had to watch my grand kids but Karl and I did get to do some more tourist stuff driving around and we went to see Phil (Donald) and Jackie where we went to their place and I rode Phil's Harley so he and Karl could chat. We had a good time visiting then they took us out for dinner at the Prairie Inn. Jackie and I rode the Motorbikes. We had a great time and made a deal to get together again soon and not years since we live so close.

     Friday I dont remember what we did. Maybe went and visited Patty and Jack before I had to work?

       Saturday we got up and drove to the west Coast to see Tofino and Long Beach as well as Uclulete. The weather wasnt the greatest so we had a quick look at the beach where Karl and Patty took a couple photos but I left my camera in the car. Then we drove into Tofino and drove around then decided to stop and get icecream. Except for Karl which was a good thing because it was so freaking expensive. Two single scoop cones for 10 bucks! We then drove to Uclulete and went to the lighthouse just as the sun was coming out. We didnt see any wildlife although Orcas had been spotted that morning.

     We then headed for Port Albernie where we stayed for the night as there were no rooms in Tofino area or should I say reasonable priced rooms. We ate at an old style drive in restaraunt in Port Albernie then went and checked into the Best Western for the night. I contacted some friends from the Lonewolves and we made plans to meet for breakfast in the morning. After breakfast we headed back home stopping to see the big trees in Cathedro Grove and then in Coombs at the market where the goats are on the roof. We did take some pictures in the Grove where we had fun with a particular tree that we saw.

     When we got to Duncan we had enough time to stop and see cousin Paul. It was a nice visit and chat but it was too bad we didnt get to see Dimple or Paul's daughters. It was short because Paul had to go to work but glad we got there in time for a visit. Karl had made one request and that was to eat at Barb's fish n chips one more time before he left. Of course I said no we were having McDonalds but then Patty talked me into it.

      Well it was a real good visit and felt like old times. We had a lot of fun and the weather was pretty good for the most part. We seem to get early falls hear and the rainy season starts but there are a lot of good days as well. I'm pretty sure Karl had a good time and even if he didn't he better say he did because I went all out lol. We are talking about another vist next summer but he has to bring Trudy out this time. That way we can do alot of the same things because she hasn't done them and Karl will have to put up with it lol. Thanks for coming out for a visit hope to see you out here again soon.