Thursday, March 27, 2008

A night off

Wow this holding down 2 jobs is a lot harder than I had expected. Twice a week I work 4 - 11pm then have to get up at 4:45am to go to my other job. I'm starting to dislike the other job. Monday was the first time I made myself go. The whole day there I just wished I wasn't there. When I got home and before I went to Wal-Mart I asked Patty if she'd be mad if I quit Vic Truss. She is so supportive in anything and everything I do. She is my biggest fan with my photography. The last few days work hasn't been too bad but I just feel unappreciated. If another job came up I'd jump at it with no notice and they'd be screwed. I told the boss I might be sick tomorrow and he said they would be royally screwed and he would have to come to the house to get me even if he had to carry me. I know most jobs you don't get the appreciation you deserve but I thought this place would be different.

Last year I went in a few hours a week on my own time to try and learn the designing part of the company. They were either too busy or the extra computer would not boot up. I talked to the owner and we decided we would try at another time. I found out recently the other guy on my saw has been going in once in a while getting paid to learn and the last 2 weeks he has gone in 2 hours every day. When we went to nights I ended up being the foreman handed the keys taking care of graveyard shift without any one really asking if I wanted to do it. I even had to fire a guy who if I had known I was allowed to do that he wouldn't have made it past his first month. Lately the saw has been down and I spend most of my time on the phone talking to tech support trying to work out the bugs and get the saw running. I don't get to take lunch with the rest of the guys cause I can't just drop the phone and run when the lunch buzzer rings. Would have been nice at Christmas to get a little extra or a card more personalized than the copy card although hand written one we all got. Yeah yeah I'm a whiner I know but that's why I have this blog and if you don't want to listen to me vent stop reading LOL.

I have to tell you Patty is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm not just saying that cause I know she will read it here it is true. I don't know where I'd be without her. I've had some down times the past year and a half since dad passed but Patty always makes me smile. I'm pretty sure that I do the same for her. She lit up tonight after finding out I didn't have to work and then I fell a sleep with my head on her lap right after supper. When I get home from Wal-Mart she wakes up and gets out the icy heat and rubs it on my back. Then we talk for a bit until I fall to sleep. She jokes with me saying that this is FOREVER but she doesn't realize that I wouldn't want it any other way. Or that it goes both ways LOL. I think I waited just long enough and now I have found the right one. She is beautiful and sexy and funny and all those good things and like the song says "if she could see her through my eyes" she would realize just how true those words describe her. I love ya babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just went to check and see if survivor was on and it isn't. I'll have to see when it was on this week and down load it.

I still haven't heard if I got the photo lab job and I went by to see the manager but he was on a first aid course. Another manager says that it looked real good for me getting it but I have to wait and see. The new store is coming along and when I went in to get my pay stub today they had started putting groceries on the shelves as well as some other merchandise. No more deliveries will be going to the old store. If I can hold onto the Vic Truss job till summer anyways it would be a great help to pay off some bills and pay for our trip to Ontario for Shawn's wedding. Plus I heard London Drugs is coming to town and they have a nice photo lab so I might be able to get a full time job there when it opens. The only other possibility is the land lord job here. I talked to the manager today to try and get an interview and will let him have it if I don't think he wants us. I was told that the last interview he didn't want us because we paid our rent a day late a couple times. If he knew the truth he would know that it was because we payed in cash and when the land lord was out getting drunk we wouldn't give the money to her kids so we would wait till the next day. We haven't been late since the last one took over and the interim since they quite. So much for a mature couple with experience.

Not sure if I told this before or not but here goes. He gave the job to a woman from the east coast and her son and his girlfriend (19yr olds) The woman was happily married and her and her husband owned a business out east that he was watching while she was here. Two months later surprise shes leaving to go home and the mature 19 year old couple is taking over. They barely lasted two months before quiting and now we have no land lord other than a guy named Jim from Chemainus who has his own buildings to look after. He has been a big supporter of us. Ok that was the readers digest version.

I'm heading to bed so hopefully I didn't bore you too much. Goodnight all!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Just a quick post before I head out to work at Wal-Mart. Since I helped Annette figure out the Internet the other day she will be looking for updates by herself so I thought I better do one now.

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter and don't eat too much chocolate send it too me LOL

Yesterday Adam and Mary and Carol a friend of ours all came for supper. I made spaghetti and home made meatballs with garlic bread. Mary and carol are both veggies so they never tried the meatballs but mmm mmmm mmmm they were good. We watched Shrek 3 for the umpteenth time because my wife and I love Shrek and the others hadn't seen it yet.

Yesterday was the most productive day I had in the new store. I had a good team to work with and they actually had the pieces we needed in the store and everyone on the team wanted to work. Also I got word that I will have an interview for the Photo Lab as a part time position just opened up. The manager told me he has to ask the store manager for permission but since its the job I wanted in the first place there should be no problem. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wally World!!!

Well not much to post as I've been busy working two jobs. This weekend I started at the new Wal-Mart helping set up shelves and getting it ready for the opening in about 5 weeks. This store is HUGE!!! Yesterday I met Patty for lunch at the Tim Horton's across the street and then took her inside for a quick peek. I figure the TV will be all paid for in the next 2 - 3 weeks then its time to start saving for our trip to Ontario. If I can handle the two jobs I will probably do it till we go to Ontario but then give up Wal-Mart so I can have the weekends off for football, whale watching and other fun family stuff. Tonight and tomorrow night I work till 11pm then home to bed and up by 5am for my other job. Only 2 times a week which isn't too bad. Good thing Friday is a holiday!! Then Sat and Sun I work 7-3 at Wal-Mart again. That's for the next 5-6 weeks. Besides the extra money we get 10% off everything including groceries and being Wal-Mart they should have the lowest prices on everything to begin with. Well I'm off to shower so I can spend some time with the wife when she gets in from work.

later days!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RIP Oscar Jylha (OZ) Part 2 of 2

Well its been a couple days but I have an hour or so and will try and finish this. Monday night I worked at Wal-Mart and tonight Patty and I are going to see Twist and Shout a Beatles tribute band. Some of these guys are supposed to be the ones from Beatlemania back in the 80's. Should be a fun night.


Saturday morning some of us met for breakfast. Patty, myself, Mamasita, Papasita (Pat), Natalie, Eugene (her son) and Anita (Patty's friend). At the end of breakfast Albert joined us and we all sang happy birthday to him. Eugene was so loud it was hard not to laugh but he wanted to embarrass Albert as much as possible only Eugene didn't realize just how many people were in the restaurant until they applauded when we were done.

When we left there we all went to Natalie's and hung out till it was time to go to the Adelphi. Now I'm not sure what to call this because it definitely wasn't a funeral. If anything it was what I would think an Irish wake would be. Oz was part Irish and he liked to hang out at the Adelphi with his friends. It was like a second home you might say. Natalie had purchased some food and dropped it off and the owner had the kitchen staff do it up real nice at no charge. We got there shortly after 1pm and most of Oz's family and friends were there by 1:30pm. There was a band that Oz used to like to listen to that played some of his favourite songs. When the waiter asked what everyone was drinking they said wed like what Oz would be drinking and so pitchers of beer started showing up at the table. Everyone had a beer for Oz except me of course. Not out of disrespect but just because I don't drink and someone needed to be a DD.

The band played for about a half hour then Patty got up and said a few words about her dad. Everyone raised a beer and toasted Oz. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. Then Natalie as shy as she is managed to get up and make a speech as well. The owner was the last person and he gave a great speech telling a story that made you know just how special and nice Oz was to his friends and family. I met all kinds of cousins uncles and friends of the family. As far as these things go it was a nice time. The band played some more music and when they dedicated a slow song in Oz's memory Patty and I got up and danced. I think the Irish are on to something in holding a wake instead of a funeral. You celebrate a person's life rather than a funeral which just the music alone is depressing. I think Oz would have loved this idea.

After the Adelphi more than a few people showed up at Natalie and Peters place. Three people that I have to mention because they were very nice and the fact that they took a 12 hour bus ride from Alberta Friday then had to take it back Sunday just so they could be there with the family and I think that's amazing! Buffy, Kim and Jessica it was very nice to meet you. I wish it had been under happier circumstances. I hope that I will meet you all again soon and under better circumstances this time. At least now when Patty tells me she was talking to Jessica online or Kim or Buffy on the phone I will be able to put a face to the names.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful people I met...

Well there is not to say about the trip home. We met with Mamasita fore a quick breakfast and the weather was not as nice. Just glad it wasn't snowing on the hwy for the drive home. We missed the brand new ferry by one departure but we did see it as we passed it halfway during our trip home to the Island.

Next up is a wedding in April on the beach in Tofino and then a trip back to Merritt to spread the ashes of Oz. He requested to his cousin Marty that his ashes be spread on a mountain where they hunted and that a beer be poured over the ashes. Marty said he will let us know when it will be. Should be some time in July before or after the wedding in Ontario.

Work is back to 2 shifts so I shouldn't be missing any more hours and I'm getting 22 hours at Wal-Mart so hopefully I can pay off some bills that need to be done soon and then start saving the money for the flight to Ontario.

On a last note I have to say that if my father had a twin I think I met him. I took 3 or 4 pictures of him but none of them are as good as if you seen this guy in person. I kind of felt wierd watching this guy who happened to be in the band at the Adelphi. So here is a picture of what dad would have looked like if he played bass in a bar band.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

RIP Oscar Jylha (OZ) Part 1 of 2

Well I never had a chance to get on and update my blog before the trip to Merritt. We were supposed to leave Thursday night to go to the mainland so I could meet my father in-law. I was really looking forward to this as I had heard so much about him and not one bad thing. On Wednesday afternoon I found out the Patty's father had passed away earlier that morning. He was back in the hospital getting checked over and was told when he received his breakfast that he would be able to leave later that day. When they went to get the dishes they found him and notified the family. I called to talk to Mamasita to see if any one had told Patty and was told that they hadn't so then I had to hang up the phone because I heard Patty and Ben come in and I had to go break the news to her. I love Patty so much and it hurt to have to tell her this because this is not the news a person wants to hear from any one. I tried to comfort her and Ben as best I could but seeing how hurt she was made it hard for me to be upset because her pain is my pain.

We made a few phone calls then started packing to leave on the first ferry the next morning. The trip was a bit more somber than it was going to be but we all new that Oz was not suffering any more. Oz was a big man like my dad was and I'm sure they were both the same in hiding some of the pain and discomfort they were having from their families. Oz wasn't supposed to leave us this early and we thought we'd have enough time to see him but the cancer was far more advanced than first thought.

The trip to Merritt was pretty uneventful. The sky was blue the sun was shining and the hwy was dry and bare. We passed through the area where they had had an avalanche and you could see some areas where snow had slid down the mountains but there was no problems due to weather on our trip. We reached Merritt before lunch and met patty's friend Anita at the A&W. We then went over to her place to drop off our things and then went over to Natalie and Peters place. Shortly after we got there Marty who is Oz' cousin and best friend showed up. We sat around chatting and Marty had a ton of stories to tell and we were all very eager to listen. Marty and Oz were camping, fishing and hunting buddies.

Patty, her sister Natalie and Marty headed over to Oz's place to clear out some hunting rifles that were at his place. Patty and Natalie also wanted to clear out anything else that might be valuable because they didn't want any one breaking into their dad's place knowing he was a hunter and finding stuff to steal. Oz was a very giving person and when he had money always treated his friends some of who might not have been of the honest type. They might have tried taking advantage while they could so just to be safe they checked it out. Ben and I went back to Anita's to rest from the long trip.

That evening we just stayed at Anita's and her daughter dropped off her 6month old daughter for grandma to babysit. I didn't play too much with the baby because I had gotten a bad cold just before we left. Patty got home and held the baby dreaming of when our grandchild will be born and we can look after him/her. Then Christie and her husband came in and we all chatted and had a nice evening before turning in. We had hoped to spend more time with them but were just too busy.

The next morning Patty and Natalie were going to go to their dads place to do some cleaning and sorting and they asked to be left alone for a while so I took the car and headed to Kamloops about an hour away to go see the wolves at the wildlife park. This was the first week they were open durring the week and I was the first person there that morning and had the place to my self for a good hour and a half. It was a pretty lazy day for the animals and I walked around the whole place twice but spent most of my time with the wolves. I took a few pictures as usual before getting in the car and heading back. I decided I would stop at Mamasita's since I was so close but found out they left for Merritt close to the time I had gotten to the wildlife park.

When I got back to Merritt Peter (Natalies other half)was thinking about going golfing but I was pretty tired and just wanted to relax for a while. Ben and I ended up going for a drive around Merritt and stopped by his grandpas place so he could have a quick look. We didn't stay long and then walked around town for a bit and then went back to Anita's. We ended up meeting Patty back at Natalies and hanging out for a while till we were tired then went back to Anita's. I fell to sleep pretty darn quick. Natalie and Patty accomplished quite a bit that day not just cleaning up their dads place but also setting up for Saturday at the Adelphi.

to be continued...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Trip to Langford

Saturday was a beautifull day here in B.C. but compared to Ontario the last few weeks have been fantastic. We are averaging around plus 10 for a high and it hasn't dropped below zero in a couple weeks. Saturday was no different.

Ben, Patty and I headed down to Langford to see Adam and his soon to be wife Mary. Its the first time we have had a chance to see Mary since we heard the news of the soon to be baby and the even sooner wedding. Date isn't set in stone yet but looking at the middle of april in Tofino. Hopefully it will be a nice weekend weather wise as they do seem to get more rain than the rest of the island.

Patty and I cooked lunch for us and we sat around the table talking baby stuff. After we were finished lunch we all hopped in Mary's car and drove down to the ocean for a walk. We ended up doing a trail hike that was at least 7kms long. It's been a while but it was a good trek and we all enjoyed it. I was surprised we didn't all rush home for a nap and when we did get to bed it was a good sleep for the first few hours. I was awake around 2am and Patty realized this around 3am and after a short chat we both tried to go back to sleep. Eventually we did and then woke up after 7:30am.

This morning Auntie Irene and Uncle Jim took Patty and I out for breakfast. It is a late birthday present for Patty as we have both been so sick since Christmas that they didn't want to be around us much. Some days we feel good and somedays it seems like we are still ill.

This friday we are heading to Merit to see Patty's dad. He is home from the hospital but not doing to well. They are going to give him radiation on his arms and then if he is strong enough they will try chemo therapy to fight the cancer. They told him that he might only have a few months if they cant do the chemo. He told the Dr's that hes up for the fight because hes had two battles already. So the 3 of us are heading to Merit this friday. This will be the first long trip with Ben and aparently you have to drug him up pretty good. Should be be fun to see LOL.

Well here are a few pictures from yesterday.