Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Missing in action

I might be offline for a day or so. Have to save what I can and reformat my computer. My virus checker has been going crazy lately finding all kinds of nasty things and quarintines them. My computer is running slow and sometimes I have to restart it 3 or 4 times to get it right. This time I'll set it up right with a firewall and everything !!! Take care all. Be back soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

What a great ride !!!!!

SPCA 316

Amigo Airways

SPCA 313

Kaneohe Beech

SPCA 267

Downtown Nanaimo

SPCA 280

Beach where Jodi and I had our picture taken

SPCA 261

Me pretending to fly but I was co-pilot

Star Wars

Well I did it. I got on a bus and went to the mall where Star Wars was playing. Decided what the heck and went in. Gotta say the movie wasn't great but I loved the ending. Seeing Darth Vador in his getup at the end somehow made it all worth it too me. It was wierd cause it kinda made me feel like a kid when I saw the original movie.I wasn't the only loser in there and I deffinately wasn't the worst loser. Although I bet he says the same thing LOL. Well I'm off on another adventure this morning. I'll write aboiut it later. Bye for now.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Nickelback !!!!


Just ordered my tickets for the August 20th concert in Victoria. I got a pair of tickets for my boss and his girlfriend cause he wants to take her for her birthday and I saved him some shopping tomorrow. I'm debating going back and ordering 2 more tickets for the friday show only on the floor general admission. Might be able to get up close if I get there early. Yeah I think I'll do that!! I'm glad Victoria built that arena last year cause now we may get some more concerts like this!!

Done!!! 2 tickets on the floor for Friday night concert August 19!!!

Got a couple things on the go this weekend but you'll have to wait and find out after I do them. Have a great weekend all !!!

Went for a walk alng the ocean tonight. Found another Jeff King painting. It was right beside a strip club so I figured what the heck. Went in and met a guy that used to work at Atlas. Gabbed for a bit. Saw 3 girls in about 2 hours ???? Not like in Ontario...not that I would know lol. Walking back I stopped at a group singing and dancing by the ocean. Realized after about 10 minutes it was a church group. Good looking women go to that church!!! They must have thought I needed some saving or something. A few wandered over and invited me to join. The only one I thought about following was cute but young. Glad I didn't say anything cause her dad was standing right beside me. Started getting cool so I wandered on home.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Game

This is one of those nights where nothing is new. So even tho some of you probably don't care I'm going to post some pictures of the Game I made over the weekend. Now I'll start with a picture of all the parts needed. Most have been cut to size.

game 003b

Next is a picture of all the pieces layed out so I can see if they are going to fit how I wanted.

game 004

After glueing and nailing the pieces together I put the felt under it to see how it will look. This is when I decided to paint it.

game 008

And the last picture is of the final product. I thought it turned out pretty good for my first try.

game 010

How To Play
Its a pretty simple game to play. You roll the dice on the playing surface and add them up. Then you knock the pegs (numbered 1-9) down that add up to the total of the dice. example...if you roll a 4 and 3 = 7 then you can knock down the #7 peg or the #3 and #4 or the #5 and #2 or the #6 and #1 or the #4 and #2 and #1. You must roll both dice ! They must stay on the playing surface. Once you roll the dice and can't knock down any tiles you lose. Or if you end up with the #1 being the last tile, you lose. If you can knock down all the tiles you win. Very simple but not as easy as it sounds. I played 25 times last night beating it on my second and 25th try.

Monday, June 20, 2005

More Jeff King Art

The panoramic picture across the top was taken by me when I took Marg and Bill to Neck Point. It is 5 pictures put together to make one. You can see the first picture on the left is just a slight bit different camera exposure than the rest.

Well I'm almost done that project I started. One more board to cut and put on then I'll post the pictures. But untill then I'll post some more Jeff King art. These pictures are underneath a bridge and are from around 1997. Not much Graffitee on them considering how old it is. I tried to take a picture of the whole thing but the lighting was all wrong and couldn't get a good picture. But here are a couple closeups from the Painting. I could kick myself cause I realized this weekend I had seen Jeff King doing some of his painting. Up the road from me is a park with a kids pool and sprinkler. On my way to Barbs ( back when we were together) I stopped and watched a guy painting the changeroom building. Was good looking art but I thought it was a little cartoonie from what I had seen of Jeff Kings work. I went up this past weekend to get a couple pictures and there was Jeff King's name. Would have been neat to get a picture of him painting it. Oh well maybe another time. Enjoy !!!

Art 019

Art 016

Sunday, June 19, 2005


It's days like this that I miss being in Ontario. I'm not a phone person or a card person so if I was around I'd probably go visit. I know when special ocasions are comming up and will even wake up thinking it's so and so's birthday today I have to call. Then by the time I get home from work I'm exhausted and forget. Then I'll remember just before bedtime but know it's too late. If I have ever done this and called you a day or so later just know that I honestly didn't forget and I'm sorry. I have a calender in my computer drawer I check now and then just to make sure I havn't forgotten. I'm not as young as I used to be LOL. I think I'm going to be a good candidate for Alzheimer’s. I can't remember a movie I rented and watched that I thought was pretty good. Two days later I couldn't remember the name of it....still can't LOL. But I remember I liked it !

Happy Fathers Day Dad !!!!!!
I love you and miss you and just wanted to say that on here even tho I know you won't see this !



Saturday, June 18, 2005

Walked Downtown

I got up this morning and decided to walk downtown. Its a nice walk if you go south down my street to the Ocean. Then walk along the path till you get to the Harbour. There are a few shops at the harbour and a few across the road in the art district of town. There is also a small mall which is where I was heading. I needed to pick up something for my project I'm working on. I had decided to carry along my camera even tho the day wasn't looking too nice. It tried to rain on me a few times but I just sang the Valdy song Rain Rain Go Away. Not sure of the name of it and just be glad you couldn't hear me. Anyways along the way I saw some art by a person mamed Jeff King. Hes an Ontario boy that moved out here because of his love of marine and ocean animals. He has some art work in a few spots around town that I've seen. Since I had my camera I decided to take a few shots and share them with you. I'm going to try and find the other 4 or 5 he has around the town, as well as any other interesting art I see. Hope you like it !!

Art 005b

Art 007b

Friday, June 17, 2005

Nothing yet

Went and looked at a few cars. The only one my buddy liked was a Mercury Topaz. It doesn't have too many miles on it but the camshaft is worn. This is the only car I looked at that the seller actualy owned the car and drove it the past 7 years. It looked in good shape but the motor knocked a bit. My buddy says he camshaft has been gone for 4 years and he still takes it to Seatle and mainland. The outside was in good shape. 2 small dents in drivers side. The owner says that for some strange reason the trunk leaks but my buddy says they all do. It's funny how people are cause when I mentioned the car to my neighbour he said don't get it. They are all junk. Hes a mechanic but he seems to prefure foriegn cars. It started good, run good except for the noise, looked ok inside and out. I'm going to look this weekend and if nothing else I'll call him see if its still there. he dropped from 1000 to 800 bucks. I couldn't drive it cause of no plates but my buddy still seemed impressed with it. If its there Sunday it was meant to be right Trudy ??

On another note I'm going to start building this dice game that Barb's dad has. I'll take pictures along the way then post them when its done to show you. He said they have one at work and they gamble with it. You drop a qaurter in the pot and if you beat the game with a witness you win half the pot. Only half so there is always money in there. Going to start tonight.

Have a good weekend !!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Car Hunt

I just called a friend from work. Hes comming over and we are going to look at a couple cars. One is a 1991 Cutlass with less than 200,000 kms on it. Leather interior few minor scratches on it. Looks nice. Its going for 2000 bucks. The other is an older Nissan 4 cylinder needs cleaned up, not sure how many miles on it but its selling for 1000 bucks. It needs front tires badly. With the price of gas the 4 cyl would probably be better but I bet the Cutlass is a nice ride. looks more comfy for drives to Toffino and Long Beach. My neighbour has checked out the Nissan and said it sounded good. Said its a nice little car cheap on gas. He works in a garage. It might be his friend since its a few doors down from him so I want another oppinion. Will update after I check them out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Fun stuff

UPDATE...Thanks Mandy I goofed by saying 3 legged when its a 2 legged dog.

Here is something I seen quite awhile ago and forgot about. It's quite amazzing !! Just so you know this video is ok for all but the site does have alot of more adult humour on it. I was trying to put the video on my web page but looks like no can do. So here is the link. I'm working on being able to put picture slide shows and small video on my web site. Maybe Bill can help me figure this out ??
2 legged dog Please let me know if this worked !

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Baaaah Humbug !!!!

Update I didn't end up going to the movie alone. I went and rented Be Cool instead and watched it. Good movie.

Oh wait I use that at Christmas time. Need another saying for my birthday. S**t another one !!! Still early here and still undecided what I'm doing. Gotta go out but not sure where. Over an hour before the malls open. Thinking about going to see the New Star Wars movie but I've never gone by myself before and I feel wierd. It's at the mall so I'll catch a bus and grab a bite then I'll see. I figure I seen the First one in a theater way back when. I lost track how many times Dave DeVier and I saw it. We used to go to the early show and just not leave. I saw the next 2 in a theater but only once. I think Bill Grixti and I went to see the one thats supposed to be the beginning. I know the weapons were way better than the original. They started with numbers 4, 5, and 6 then many years later went back to 1, 2, and now 3. So if I go see this one number 2 will be the only one I didn't see in a theater. I did see it with Wyatt. I'm shaved, showered and half dressed so I should get my butt in gear. Well dishes are done and I finaly hung up my surround speakers. Havn't used them since I moved here in this house. Might post later let you know if I was a loser or not LOL

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Off to SPCA

Just thought I'd make a quick post before heading off to the SPCA to take some more pictures. Hope all went well for Karl, Trudy, Kris, Tara and Jodi at the relay for cancer. I was supposed to be on Barb's team but she never asked after we broke up. I still would have gone. You walk, run, jug, or crawl around a track raising money for cancer. One person is supposed to be on the track at all times. Barb was shaving her head at the event. She raised over 1,350 bucks from what I heard. Good for her !! Well I better get ready for my walk in the rain. Been up since 5:30am working on the slide show. About 8:00am I cranked on the BEATLES TUNES !!! Walls are thin so didn't want to wake up the people next door.
Have a good day all !!!

SPCA 088


Friday, June 10, 2005

Atlas Truss

Opened up comments so anyone can leave one. Carefull what you write as some young ones might see. Please put your name at the end of your comment. Thanks !!

Decided to take my camera to work with me today. Didn't see anything interesting on the way to work so I decided to take a couple pictures of work while at lunch. I took a picture of my saw, a built truss outside waiting to get stacked and banded and inside the shop with a couple strange trusses on the rollers.

Tonight I'm working on the presentation for the SPCA and will put a draft on a disk to show them tomorrow. I'm going in early so hopefully I can walk a few dogs before the Rabies clinic opens. Not sure what I'm doing there besides taking a few pictures while people bring their dogs in for a 15 dollar rabies shot.

Not sure what I'm doing sunday yet. Just another day I guess. Can't feel much older than I do now. Might pick up a paper see what small trucks are available for cheap LOL.

Have a good weekend !!!

Atlas Truss 003

My saw and computer screen

Atlas Truss 004

Built truss

Atlas Truss 010

Trusses sitting on rollers will be pressed at the far end

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Another borring post !

Not much to write about. Just got in from work. Same ol same ol. I'm working on a powerpoint presentation or slideshow for the SPCA. Have gone there the last 2 days to walk around the place and take pictures. Fell in love with a dog there of course but I'm still not ready. Plus I want to try and get out of debt, get a vehicle on the road and enjoy life as well. I would say shes a cross between Buddy and Shannon. Long hair like buddy but acts like how I remember Shannon did. I will take her for walks now and then but thats all I can do for now. There is also a dog that reminds me of Nikko when I got him. Big pure black sheperd cross. I bet he has a few pounds on Nikko. Head strong and stubborn like Nikko but a nice dog too...like Nikko was. I'll try to post pictures of them after I go there Saturday. I'll post a couple cat pictures I took the other day after I'm settled in or come back from groceries.

My excitement of the day was finding out my bike had a flat tire right as I'm ready to leave making me walk therefore being a bit late. But I saw two deer on the front lawn of my neighbour a few doors down. The one just kept eating grass but the other just kept watching me till I was past them. The last two days I had taken my camera to work but today I left it at home. Figures !!!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Jean

Even though I know she won't read this I thought I would say Happy Birthday Jean !!! plus by doing this it might help me remember to phone her tonight !!

On a sad note I was told by Karl that Buddy was put to rest on friday. Buddy was a very good looking dog and well behaved. I loved him as much as I loved my dogs, even though many moons ago he took advantage of my poor Keya. I did eventualy forgive him and besides Alice got a good looking dog out of that fatefull day. Buddy had lived a good life and his family spoiled him like I did my dogs. I'm sure Buddy and Nikko will be together again. I just hope Nikko got over his wanting to hump buddy all the time.

We'll miss you buddy !!



Sunday, June 05, 2005


I was at the All About Pets Show for most of the day. I worked the front door meeting and greeting and taking money from ppl. I could be a Wal-Mart greeter easily !!! LOL Barb's step mom was there again today. We talked a bit but I was pretty busy at the door. Don't know if she has contacted Barb yet ? Her dog Birch tried the agility run and did pretty good the first run. Then apparently she got scared of the see-saw and wouldn't do it the second time around. Shes going to keep working on it. Going to go lay on the couch and watch TV or a movie. Talk to you all soon. Thanks for the comments LOL.


Well its around 7am Sunday morning. I've been awake for a little over 2 hours. I'm now showered and shaved and sitting at the computer. Oh and the Beatles are sounding quite fine this morning !!

Yesturday I went to the All About Pets Show at the local fairgrounds. Was smaller than I expected but was pretty good. While I was there I signed up as a volunteer for the BCSPCA. I had been thinking about it for a while cause I've had no purpose in my life. Other than work and house cleaning which I hate there was no reason for me to get up on my days off. But I'm awake early every morning. I'm still not ready for another dog. Nikko is still too fresh in my mind. Now with Barb gone I miss Nikko even more. It's funny cause I'm ok with other dogs but if I see a big shepard it hurts a little. This cat I have doesn't help much. Doesn't hurt either we just kind of co-exist lol. She loves me when her food bowl is empty but they rest of the time she is attacking me or plotting her next attack. If I get up in the middle of the night to use the little boys room I have to watch for her cause she comes running out of no where getting in front of my feet trying to trip me. Dumb cat !!

While at the Pet show I ran in to Barb's step mom. She didn't know about Barb and me cause she was surprised the kids were not with me. It was harder than I thought it would be telling her. She was very nice and said don't be a stranger. I think thats why it was tough. Both sets of Barb's parents were very nice to me Made it so easy to fit in. As usual it was her dog that I spotted and recognized first. She was there with the dog to do a test to see if the dog could do hospital visits. After seeing the test she decided against it cause they use a hair brush on the dog and her dog hates them. She has another dog that she already takes to old homes and hospitals. Both are border collies and 2 of the smartest dogs I've ever met. The older dog understands go left, go right, go back and come forward. Hide a ball and you can direct it to it.

Well I'm off to the Pet Show again soon to help at the BCSPCA booth. here are a couple pics of the border collies.


Monty the older dog


Birch the younger dog

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nanaimo Timbermen Lacrosse

Hello all and especialy Mandy who stopped by and tried out the comments. I think Mandy will have her own Blog up and running soon.

Well last night was first time in a while I got out and did something fun. A group of us from work got to go to the Nanaimo Timbermen's Lacrosse game and sit in the owners box. The fridge had beer (not that it mattered to me) and Pizza was brought in durring the second periode. The game is actualy fun to watch. It is also very violent. There was only one fight in the game but there were a few good shoving matches throughout. And boy are those sticks weapons !!! I never knew the rules but while watching the game I asked questions and started to understand it quite well by the end. It's a cross between hockey and basket ball with no offsides and a shot clock to keep the pace very fast. The owners son picked me up and dropped me off which was very nice of him. But....I should have caught a ride with the other guys cause they went to a stripclub afterwards and were out quite late. I was in bed by 10:30pm. A good thing that came out of going to the game was the owner offered me tickets to the next game saturday night and also tickets to the B.C. Lions and Calgary Stampeders CFL game. I have to get myself there and back but he told me the walk on ferry will be running that night for 55 bucks return. I'm thinking I might just have to do it !!! Well here are a couple pictures from last night.

Timbermen 080

Timbermen 039

Timbermen 055