Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Al's teacher

I'm sure you have all seen those commercials for Kokanee Beer looking for park Rangers and the 3 hot babes have to try out. The one in the pictures below was a grade 10 science teacher for Patty's son Al. She is from beautifull Kamloops B.C. Shes not a full time teacher any more and Al was lucky enough to run into her and have coffee with her before he headed out here to Duncan to join his mother and me in December.

Correction...apparently she was not in the commercials but is in the 2007 calendar. Mike had already made a comment so I didn't change the original post just made this correction.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Afternoon walk

Yesterday Aunt Irene and Uncle Lloyd were taking the grandkids for a walk and asked if Ben, Albert, Patty and myself would like to go. They took all the kids to McDonalds for lunch and Patty and I met them there after we had gotten unlost. We were driving down the hwy chatting away and missed our turn off and were almost to Victoria when Patty thought it didn't look like the right area. I phoned Aunty and then phoned back to talk to Uncle Lloyd to get better directions. We finaly got there and then followed them to the spot we were going for the walk. It was a beautifull sunny day out but a little cool breeze was blowing making it feel cooler than it actually was. We walked down a closed off road and the kids were having fun climbing and running. The walk wasn't too long but at the end was a beautifull man made lake where they have a fish hatchery. On the way back we stopped at a huge puddle that had ice on it and the kids had a blast trying to break it with rocks. Even the big kids were having some fun. The cute little blob on four legs is Uncle Lloyds dog Moe.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Back online

I had to go to Nanaimo yesterday and fight with Shaw as they told me they sent me a bill and I never got it so they wouldn't hook me up till I paid cash. Went in yesterday and payed up and found out they send my bills to Terry's place in Stoney Ditch. So thats changed and I'm payed up but now its going to take till monday. This is where family comes in very handy. I called Scott who is Paul's son inlaw who just so happens works at shaw. Scott came by this morning and hooked us up and also installed a digital cable box. For now we get a whole pile of digital channels and then at the end of the month we have to decide which ones we want. We can now also get Pay per view fights from the UFC. And as an added bonus we can get the canucks games that are pay per view which Scott was telling me is pretty cool because there are no commercials so you get alot of before and after game interviews. I think its about 12 bucks for a game and you don't have to leave the house. Thanks Scott I owe ya one !!!

Now we just have to figure out how to get the router up and working. I think its a power issue as the power supply was not in the box with the router. I'm going to leave that up to Albert to figure out while I'm at work.

Hello...I'm Johnny Cash

Today at Ben's school they had a dress up like as someone famous day and since Ben is a huge J.C. fan he went as the man in black.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

short update

Just a quick update... I went into Atlas Truss today and asked for some hours as I have not been working so I start back tomorrow at 3pm. The other place I applied at is a little slow as well so nothing yet but I will call them tomorrow to keep them thinking about me. I didn't tell Atlas Truss about the interview.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Yesterday Patty Albert and I jumped in the car and drove to Victoria. It was supposed to be +8 and sunny but it felt colder near the open water. We didn't have a plan we just found a place to park then went for a walk. Patty is a real trooper because even tho she has been working extra hard lately and shes not feeling well she never complains of being too tired, cold, or ill. We walked around the downtown and went with Albert to a flag shop as he had been looking for a couple flags to hang in his room. Shortly after that Albert ditched the old folks and got on a bus to go visit a friend. Patty and I decided to walk to China Town where Jodi and I had gone when she was out here. Patty showed me the alley where scenes from Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson's movie Bird on a Wire were shot. Then we headed back to the car and drove down to the harbour where I usually go whale watching. As luck would have it one of the harbour seals I usually see was hanging out so I bought some fish to feed it. Patty had never seen it before and although she thought it was real cute she wanted no part in feeding it. Albert called by then so we drove over to meet him and pick him up. We then took a drive along the ocean to look at the houses and stopped at a marina where I've gone to see seals before. There were 4 of them hanging out and lots of people feeding them. All in all it was great day and I can't wait till June so I can take Patty back to Victoria to go whale watching with me.

Everyone likes horses

China Town

These are all around the Lower Island

Empress Hotel where the Queen has stayed

Papa Duck

Mama duck

Feeding my friend

cute or not ??

I've met this pup everytime I went whale watching

Bird on a Wire ... or wooden thingy

Loch Ness monster ???

My next puppy

Crazy guy !!!

My beautifull wife !!!

Shit hawk

Camera shy

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some pictures

I decided to take a short drive this morning after I dropped Ben of at school. I went home and picked up my camera and drove over by Mt Prevost looking for something to photograph. It wasn't the best day because with the mild weather and rain there is alot of fog but I was hopeing to use that to my advantage. Its alot harder than I had expected but I played around anyways. On my way home I looked across a field at what I thought were horses but then realized the were Elk. I had just heard yesterday that there were Elk on the island in the Duncan area but wasn't expecting to see them today. I was parked at the side of the road but I saw a truck pull in a driveway and asked if hed mind if I took some pictures from his property. It ends up that the field the elk were in was his property and he didn't mind at all. He said if the snow wasn't there I could have drove down behind his barn but he was sure I wouldn't make it back up in my car and I'm sure he was right. I took a walk down behind the barn but the elk were pretty nervous and ran away. I had to brighten the pictures up a bit but the the first of the 2 tree pictures is how it looked from the view through the camera. The second I cleared up a bit.