Monday, January 30, 2012

Ok no pictures just a bunch of words if I don't get writers block again!

Recently I have started using the word absolutely. Whether I'm at home or at work when some one asks me a question I say absolutely. It's driving me nuts but I can't stop. It comes out even before I have a chance to think. I'm not sure where I picked it up but I wish it would go away LOL. It works for yes or no. Could you give me a hand over here? Absolutely! Do you mind if I use your phone? Absolutely not! I could give you more examples but that would mean I have to keep using that word and I'm absolutely positive I don't want to do that!

Well last week was a pretty uneventful week. I went to the pool 5 days a week and I'm starting to feel it working now. I did have a physical on Friday which I try to do yearly but it had been a year and a half. I told Ben that I had an exam Friday and was wondering if he wanted to help me study. I said all we need is a rubber glove and some oil and he almost choked and said your sick man. I couldn't stop laughing. I like shocking him like that as much as he likes hiding and jumping out and scaring me when I come in the house.

Joking aside it's important to have a regular physical and yes even a prostate exam especially as you get older. I also get the blood test done every 2 years but my Dr says that it's not 100% either. The only tip I'll give you when your getting a prostate exam is try to find a woman Dr because it's a good bet she has tiny fingers. I told my Dr that's why I picked her and she had a good laugh.

Well that's enough about that now onto the weekend. Saturday Patty and I were going to Victoria to China town as they were celebrating the Chinese New Years all week. The year of the Dragon which is the year Patty was born in. Well it was raining so instead we went and hung out in a couple malls walking around holding hands pretending we liked each other LOL. Just showing off to the young folks is what we were really doing. After that we went to visit Nina who was not feeling well. Patty got her some food from the mall. We had a good chat and I layed on the floor playing with Sooke the Mook who was bouncing off the walls when we first got there. We discussed getting together for Patty's birthday Monday but Nina has to work late so we are going to try and set something up with all the kids the Saturday after her birthday.

This Saturday Ben and I are going to Vancouver to see the monster trucks. I have always wanted to see Grave Digger live and this is as good of time as any. It's the 30th anniversary of Grave Digger so they are doing a big tour. I hope I can get my good camera and lens in and get some good photos. I discovered after ordering the tickets that it starts at 7pm so we will have to get a room and come home Sunday. we should have a good time and I hope to get some good pictures from around the city. Also it will be my first look at the new roof on BC Place. We are going to park in Nanaimo and walk onto the ferry to save some money.

Ok i lied about the pictures but I wasn't planning on it. This is the first time I have compared my dad's tattoo with mine.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Well hello everyone how is this new year going for you so far? So far mine is going pretty well. I'm still going to the pool 5 days a week doing the aqua aerobics and making lots of friends. If I'm lucky I might get to join the Geritol gang! I gotta admit its working pretty good so far. I feel it in my legs, arms and stomach every night. I think my stomach is shrinking on the inside, my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I get full a lot sooner. The only day I have missed was Wednesday when we got some snow. I felt bad about missing a day but at least I continued the next day. I was told the noon class didn't have anyone show up and the morning class only had 2 people in it.

I know you can't tell but this is hours later. I started blogging earlier and although I had a lot on my mind to blog about I just couldn't get it out of my brain and on here so here I go again. Computer on my lap and Dante laying on my legs just like earlier.

Well we finally got some snow here and enough to shovel. The first of the season. Dante loves the snow and Ben decided to take him out in the back yard to play. I told Ben he better get out and play in it since he had been wishing for it. Ben was chasing Dante around and was dumping snow on him. Dante didn't seem to mind. Then Ben tried to make an igloo but the snow wasn't packing snow so that wasn't working for him. They both came in cold and wet but had lots of fun while out there. I even got a photo of Dante looking out the window at the snow later that day.

The snow is already going away and there are lots of green patches on the lawn. I did have to go out and salt tonight because it started to get icy as it started to get dark. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow so the snow will be leaving hopefully until next winter.

This morning Patty and I went out for breakfast and met Mary, Adam and Gwen. They are headed to mount Washington for skiing. They are getting lessons for Gwen. Some of Mary's family is meeting them them there for the weekend so hopefully its not raining there and they can have lots of fun.

Recently I started watching Sons of Anarchy and was instantly hooked. Ben and I have been watching it together but hes going to be disappointed because I watched the last 4 shows of season 2 while he is away. Was going to start watching season 3 but after breakfast we had a lazy day on the couch and I watched the hockey game. Before the game I watched Of Mice and Men but the old one from 1940. It was pretty much the same but John Malcovich did a better Lenny in the remake. I didn't know they had done the movie previously.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Saturday was a lazy day. Got up just after 9am took Dante for a walk came home ate some cherry cheesecake then got comfy on the couch to watch the Boston vs Vancouver hockey game. Wow what a game it was it felt like game 8 of the playoffs. Felt bad for Luongo even though I don't care for him. He had to sit on the bench and watch and from the opening face off the fans chanted his name. Lots of fights, lots of goals and lots of good saves from both teams. Winning in Boston is another monkey off the backs of the Canucks.

Patty came down before the game ended and got comfy on the love seat. After the game was over I went and got us lunch and we spent the rest of the day watching tv and napping on and off. In the evening I made some frozen pizza and we watched some movies until it was bed time. Dante had gas problems and got me up a couple times to go outside to poop. He had a warm dry nose and just seemed ill. We kept an eye on him all night. It doesn't help that he is such a sound sleeper. You can pick him up and move him and he wont wake up. I had to work Sunday and when Patty came over she said Dante was still ill and had the runs. I said get him some Pepto Bismo and she did and she texted me he was doing better. Right now he is ripping a stuffed dog apart and playing tug of war with Patty and running around like an idiot. Hopefully we will get sleep tonight.

Sunday Night/Monday
Well Dante was doing better but he still got me up about 5 times to go out. I took him for 4 walks Monday and he only took a dump once. It was solid enough I could pick it up and check it out. I just wished I had brought a plastic bag or something to clean my hands off with. Today I went back to the pool for another water aerobics class. I thought it would be getting easier but I'm hurting worse. It must be doing some good. I'm going to try and keep it up Monday to Friday for the whole month of January. I'm making lots of friends and I'm surprised Patty isn't jealous those 80 yr olds are in pretty good shape. It's about 6 to 1 ratio between men and woman in the classes.
Here is a funny video someone showed me. I think the bad language has been taken out but


Friday, January 06, 2012

Post number 2 of 2012

Well hello again. Figured I had some time before bed so I would sit down and write something. What to write is another thing cause Ive been real boring lately.

Well the World Junior Tournament wasn't anything like I had hoped it would be. Best thing about it was seeing the Americans not make the medal round. Canada had a good tourny but fell short against the Russians. They made the game exciting late in the 3rd scoring 4 goals in a 5 minute span then ringing a couple off the post in the last minute. Congrats to Sweden winning the gold medal. I wish it had been Canada winning gold but I also rather win the bronze then lose the gold. Enough sports for now Patty will skip over that paragraph LOL

I never made a resolution this year but I had thought of a few I might do but will just try it without making a resolution. I joined the pool this month with a 1 month membership. I had gone swimming a couple times and Ben had bugged me saying I should join the old people doing aerobics in the pool. On Tuesday I did!! Ive gone 4 times this week to a 50 minute workout in the pool. The first one was so easy I thought wow I can do this. Each day it got harder and harder. Other than the instructor I was the youngest person by at least 15 years Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday there was at least 1 younger than me so I should have known it would be a tough workout. Today there were only about 8 people in the pool with me and probably 4 were older than me. I am hurting big time tonight lol. It really is a good workout like I would never have thought.

Today after my pool workout I had a nice surprise. Gwen came to the pool to go swimming with me. We had a blast playing and swimming in the pool. We did the lazy river a few times letting the water push us around a few laps. We played catch and played with the fountains and walked around the water. Gwen told me she was having lots of fun I sure hope we can do it again soon. We went to try one of the water slides but they don't allow 2 people on at the same time. that's too bad I think Gwen would have enjoyed it.

Also today Dante got a haircut. He gets pretty shaggy pretty fast. Only problem is we can see his sad eyes now. Before we knew he was looking at us but now you can actually see him looking so sadly at us lol. He sure is a cute dog.

Last but not least tonight we went to Al and Nina's for dinner. It was an amazing pasta dinner with meatballs and veggies in the sauce. It was delicious and filling. Al even made me a virgin 7up with ice because I was driving LOL. I made some short bread cookies and a cherry cheesecake for desert. I thought we had taken enough cookies to leave them a few but we went through them pretty good while watching a movie. We took Dante with us and him and Sookie get along so well together. I like sookie and its because of her that I was ready for another dog of my own. That's why we now have a Dante.

Well that's all for now I need to take my aching body up the stairs to bed. I get 2 days to rest up before I'm back in the pool giving my all.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New year!!!

Happy New Year everyone. My first blog of the new year I hope everyone is doing good. Things are good around here. Patty and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary. Things are great and if you happened to read my comment on Facebook with something Patty said you know I was only joking about pushing her out of the car. She never takes her seat belt off long enough anyways LOL. Kidding aside I love my wife. Have since the day I met her. She gets under my skin now and then but i sure know i get under hers as well. We went out to dinner and a movie and were home in bed by 10. Does that mean we are getting old? We did manage to see the ball drop and have a new years kiss but then rolled over and fell fast asleep. I did have to open up the photo lab at 8 in the morning.

The movie we saw was New Years eve by Woody Allen. It was better than I had expected as I had heard some bad reviews on it seeing as there were so many stars in it and a bunch of short stories all centered around New Years eve and the ball dropping. I`ve decided to start a bucket list since seeing this movie. Its funny since I never thought of doing it after seeing the movie The bucket List. New Years Eve in New York city is one of the first things going on the list. Ive always wanted to go to New york City and visit the Dakotas where John Lennon lived and died. Has anyone seen the George Harrison documentary? I really like it. Ive seen it a few times on TV and downloaded it I enjoy it so much. Has really got me into thinking about how much I like the Beatles. I need to load up my DVD player and listen to all those cd's again. Ive gotten rid of most of my collectibles but still have the movies and cd's.

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas and Wishing everyone all the best in the new year. Check my blog once in a while and if I havent posted anything new drop me an email or text and tell me to get my ass in gear. I still like this blog even though I'm on Twitter and Facebook. There are a lot of good things on here that I like to go back and read once in a while. Some good memories and some tough times but they all help you remember. I wish I had started this over 25 years ago because there would be lots of good memories of mom. I do have some photos I can go through and post them with a story or two.

Well that's all for now its late and I'm tired. I went to the pool today and did water aerobics with the old folks and I'm hurting a bit but maybe that's a story for next time.