Saturday, January 21, 2012

Well hello everyone how is this new year going for you so far? So far mine is going pretty well. I'm still going to the pool 5 days a week doing the aqua aerobics and making lots of friends. If I'm lucky I might get to join the Geritol gang! I gotta admit its working pretty good so far. I feel it in my legs, arms and stomach every night. I think my stomach is shrinking on the inside, my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I get full a lot sooner. The only day I have missed was Wednesday when we got some snow. I felt bad about missing a day but at least I continued the next day. I was told the noon class didn't have anyone show up and the morning class only had 2 people in it.

I know you can't tell but this is hours later. I started blogging earlier and although I had a lot on my mind to blog about I just couldn't get it out of my brain and on here so here I go again. Computer on my lap and Dante laying on my legs just like earlier.

Well we finally got some snow here and enough to shovel. The first of the season. Dante loves the snow and Ben decided to take him out in the back yard to play. I told Ben he better get out and play in it since he had been wishing for it. Ben was chasing Dante around and was dumping snow on him. Dante didn't seem to mind. Then Ben tried to make an igloo but the snow wasn't packing snow so that wasn't working for him. They both came in cold and wet but had lots of fun while out there. I even got a photo of Dante looking out the window at the snow later that day.

The snow is already going away and there are lots of green patches on the lawn. I did have to go out and salt tonight because it started to get icy as it started to get dark. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow so the snow will be leaving hopefully until next winter.

This morning Patty and I went out for breakfast and met Mary, Adam and Gwen. They are headed to mount Washington for skiing. They are getting lessons for Gwen. Some of Mary's family is meeting them them there for the weekend so hopefully its not raining there and they can have lots of fun.

Recently I started watching Sons of Anarchy and was instantly hooked. Ben and I have been watching it together but hes going to be disappointed because I watched the last 4 shows of season 2 while he is away. Was going to start watching season 3 but after breakfast we had a lazy day on the couch and I watched the hockey game. Before the game I watched Of Mice and Men but the old one from 1940. It was pretty much the same but John Malcovich did a better Lenny in the remake. I didn't know they had done the movie previously.


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