Sunday, January 08, 2012

Saturday was a lazy day. Got up just after 9am took Dante for a walk came home ate some cherry cheesecake then got comfy on the couch to watch the Boston vs Vancouver hockey game. Wow what a game it was it felt like game 8 of the playoffs. Felt bad for Luongo even though I don't care for him. He had to sit on the bench and watch and from the opening face off the fans chanted his name. Lots of fights, lots of goals and lots of good saves from both teams. Winning in Boston is another monkey off the backs of the Canucks.

Patty came down before the game ended and got comfy on the love seat. After the game was over I went and got us lunch and we spent the rest of the day watching tv and napping on and off. In the evening I made some frozen pizza and we watched some movies until it was bed time. Dante had gas problems and got me up a couple times to go outside to poop. He had a warm dry nose and just seemed ill. We kept an eye on him all night. It doesn't help that he is such a sound sleeper. You can pick him up and move him and he wont wake up. I had to work Sunday and when Patty came over she said Dante was still ill and had the runs. I said get him some Pepto Bismo and she did and she texted me he was doing better. Right now he is ripping a stuffed dog apart and playing tug of war with Patty and running around like an idiot. Hopefully we will get sleep tonight.

Sunday Night/Monday
Well Dante was doing better but he still got me up about 5 times to go out. I took him for 4 walks Monday and he only took a dump once. It was solid enough I could pick it up and check it out. I just wished I had brought a plastic bag or something to clean my hands off with. Today I went back to the pool for another water aerobics class. I thought it would be getting easier but I'm hurting worse. It must be doing some good. I'm going to try and keep it up Monday to Friday for the whole month of January. I'm making lots of friends and I'm surprised Patty isn't jealous those 80 yr olds are in pretty good shape. It's about 6 to 1 ratio between men and woman in the classes.
Here is a funny video someone showed me. I think the bad language has been taken out but



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