Friday, September 16, 2011

On Saturday September 10th the my dad's and Ben's birthday, I took Ben, Ryan and Mitchell to the BC Lions football game. I had a sideline pass and had got them tickets in the end zone. I had sent a text to Patty or had posted on facebook I was on the sidelines watching warmup when I got a text from Patty saying Wesla Wong from Global news was also on the sidelines doing a story. We both like Global News and Wesla as well as the others on the news. I looked around and seen her in the end zone and when I told Patty she asked me to get her autograph. When I went down and asked Wesla she laughed and said are you sure so I showed her my text messages. Then Wesla offered to get her photo taken with me on my Blackberry. Who was I to disappoint her lol. Wouldn't you know it the first picture didn't look good so I had to get close to Wesla for another shot. What I go through for my wife LOL. Wesla was so nice and I really want to thank her for putting up with a crazy fan like me. I sent her a photo on Twitter and she took the time to reply saying next time she'd like a picture with Patty. I'm sure Patty would love that!

late during the game I was standing on the sidelines warching the game when I noticed a group of people walking right past me pretty much brushing up against me. When I turned around I was looking right at the old guy from Pawn Stars passing me followed by Chumly and then the grandson. I was stunned but then picked up my camera and started taking pictures.


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