Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day!!!

Well I figured I`d sneak a post on my blog even though there is nothing really going on. It`s Canada Day but it`s also rent day so we have to be around to collect the rent. Patty is in the house vacuuming and tidying and I popped outside to sit on the swing and do this post.

Corey Gower had his 4th pro fight but I`m sorry to say he lost the match in a decision. He is now 3 - 1 in his pro MMA fighting record. Corey came out strong in the first round looking good but was over powered on the ground. He was able to reverse his position at times but the other fighter won the round. Corey looked stronger in the 2nd round and definitely did some damage both standing up and on the ground. Corey takes round two! In the 3rd round Corey came out and used his reach to keep his opponent at a distance but decided to go for a take down. The other fighter was able to gain control on the ground and make it look like he was doing damage but Corey said afterwards there was nothing behind the hits he was receiving. The 3rd round went to the other guy and so went the decision. I`m sure Corey will bounce back from this and come out stronger to win his next fight. Corey did fight a weight class above his normal light weight division but should have still beaten that fighter.

Well this place is a bit quieter now that Ben is no longer here. Ben has gone off to college to take a welding course which is the career path he has chosen for himself. He will be staying with Mary and Adam and will get to see Gwen almost everyday which makes me jealous. I just hope he takes advantage of this situation and gets real close to her as the love from a nephew or niece is amazing and will get stronger over the years. For those that don`t know it Ben was on the honor role at high school this year. Ben is a good kid although a bit of a pain in the ass at times because he knows how to push my buttons. But to be honest I like having him around and will miss him while hes away (eventually LOL)

As far as me I went and wrote my class 2 license this past week. I`m going to look into driving city bus or a school bus for a change of pace. Patty and I are looking into maybe moving out of Duncan and closer to her boys and Gwen. We just started talking about it and I think we both need a change. I like the Victoria area although it can be expensive but we might be able to do it. i`d like to try anyways.

Well I`m going to end it here and I won`t promise to do another post soon but you never know. I didn`t think I had much to write about this time and looking back I didn`t LOL I have to take more photos because I like letting them do the talking for me. Maybe next week I`ll have some photos when I go to visit Ben in Langford.


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