Thursday, October 28, 2010

I heard they were making a movie in town so I decided to take a walk with my camera. When I got down to where they were shooting everyone was just sitting around with nothing happening. I walked around and found a small cafe and had a bite to eat. As I was leaving I saw a truck pull up and 3 or 4 people go up to it. It took a moment before I could see who it was. So I took a few photos. As I got closer I could here him and it was definitely John Boy Walton! He seemed very friendly but they were in a rush to start shooting again so they hurried him across the street to the set. One woman was like a stalker and didn't want to let go of his coat but he seem to take it very well. A production assistant came over to see who I was shooting for. Said my camera stood out to everyone working on the movie. When I told her she said just don't shoot ant of the filming and I told her I had no video so no worries. I hung around for a bit and shot some of the things on the street not normally their. Richard did pop out for a few minutes to have a laugh with one of the production assistants but whe he went back in I had to head home and get ready for Wal Mart. They have one more day in Duncan then off to Victoria for a few days then they should be done.

It's going to be a Hallmark made for TV movie about a small town fighting against big box stores moving in. The jeep is the main characters vehicle in the movie.


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