Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Thursday we drove to Annette and Bob's and we all went out to dinner. The next day was Friday the 13th and we were heading to Port Dover to see all the bikes. Patty and Annette were working and Ben and I drove up a bit later and did some walking around. It was crazy busy so after an Arbour dog we did a bit of shopping then we went to hang out at On the Fringe where Annette and Patty were working. I was going to take over the door at three but started at two and ben started working as well so we were all there till after eleven pm. I didn't take hardley any pictures except for shots of the crowd and thong man for Patty.

Saturday was a lazy day and Sunday was the bbq at Ryan and Lacie's place where we ate like pigs and swam in the pool. I already posted some of those shots on Facebook.

Monday we stopped at the cemetery on our way to Huntsville to spend time with aunt Minnie and uncle Joe. We hung out with them for a couple days playing poker in the evenings. Ben and I drove to Bracebridge and said hi to Marg and Bill. We had a nice visit then drove down to the Falls. I always liked Bracebridge!


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