Monday, August 23, 2010

On Monday we went to Rob's place where we swam in the pool and had a nice bbq supper. After wards we went down stairs and sat around gabbing then Jeanine brought down desert and served it out to us. We had a really good time there. Rob, Jeanine and Jessica hooked us up with a real nice room for Tuesday night in Niagara Falls and then Jess hooked us up with some passes to some of the attractions thanks to her boyfriend Josh and his mom.

Tuesday we drove to Niagara Falls and found our room then Mandy and the kids showed up and we went and did the town. They used the cards to do some of the attractions like the Ferris wheel where Ben took my camera and got some good shots of the falls from up high. We also went on the Maid of the Mist which was a lot of fun and very wet. Griffen and I sat close to the middle and stayed pretty dry. Later that afternoon Jess and Josh joined us and we all went out for dinner.

Mandy had to take the kids home so we went back to the strip with Josh and Jess. They convinced Patty and me to go on the Ferris wheel which goes really high. I don't usually do them but this one was all in closed so it wasn't too bad. Ben went with them to the WWE Piledriver and Patty and I did a wax museum. We had a lot of fun with everyone and didn't want the day to end but we had walked a lot of miles and had a long day ahead of us Wednesday.


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