Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well we landed in Victoria around 7:30 last night. We were met at the airport by Mary and Gwen and went back to there place for a bit. Gwen was so happy to see grandma at the airport. When we got to their place Gwen had hugs and kisses for all of us. I'm not sure how long we were there but then we went home and spent some time with Albert and Nina. I was dead tired and said good night and crashed! I was up around 6am .... awake anyways and got out of bed around 7. I started uploading my photos and trying to organize them.

So here are some photos from our first Sunday where we went to watch Shawn and Jordan race. Shawn was amazed at how many different spots I made it to so I could get different shots of him. People along the course were very help full telling me spots where you could shoot then cut through the bushes and get them again. I even made it back down to the finish line before him.

Shawn had a good race and finished third. He lead for most of the race but got past on the big hill on the last lap. If there wasn't that hill the other guys said they wouldn't have caught Shawn cause he is so strong on the rest of the course.

Jordan had a good race as well on a small course. He came in first lapping most of the other competitors. Congrats to both Shawn and Jordan for a great race!


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