Sunday, June 06, 2010

Saturday we went down to Langford to babysit Gwen. We got down early enough that Patty, Mary, Gwen and I went to the beach. The weather was beautiful but the water was cold! Gwen put her foot in and said cold brrrr LOL. I was standing in just about ankle deep and it was cold. We played in the sand and played with a boat before heading back to the house. I went and got supper then Mary and Adam got ready to go out to a wedding. Grandma took Gwen up for a bath and I went and got us a movie to watch after she was in bed. If you haven't seen Old Dogs you should check it out it was pretty funny. I told Ben he missed out because not only would he have enjoyed playing with Gwen, but there was some eye candy he would have enjoyed for sure! Not that I noticed LOL.

Adam reluctantly allowed me to take a photo of him and Mary before they left for the wedding. They make a cute couple don't they?


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