Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday we went down to Langford to baby sit Gwen. I love spending time with her any chance I get so when Patty told me Mary had asked if we could do it I said hell yes!!

We drove down around noon and Mary had made a Delicious lunch for us. Then she left and Patty put Gwen down for a nap. Ben and I took a walk and bought a bag of bird seed. When Gwen woke up we were going to a petting zoo and to feed some ducks in a pond in the park.

They have lots of different animals to look at but the goat area you can go right in and pet or brush them. Gwen wasn't sure about it at first but she was petting them anyways. Then I got her a brush and Ben showed her what to do. We saw rabbits, donkey, minature horse, pot belly pig some peacocks and lots and lots of goats.

Across the road is a pond and we went over to feed the ducks. Ben worked up the courage to try feeding them out of his hand. He was nervous at first but then enjoyed it. He tried to coax a squirrel to eat out of his hand but it never happened. It got close a few times but then ran up a tree. Gwen ended up dumping the seeds out of his hand to help him. Two ducks got into a big battle a few times. One was trying to drown the other.

We then walked over to a park where Ben and Gwen went on a slide then Ben pushed Gwen on the baby swing. Gwen kept saying weeeee swing weeee swing. Ben was a good uncle and kept her busy the whole time we were away.

We left there and went back to Mary's for supper. After supper we decided to play in the yard. I had gone out to play with my camera and Gwen came out to watch me then Ben and Mary started playing badminton while I took pictures of Gwen and Patty looked on. Then they started playing with a wagon.

All in all it was a great day and I took about 900 photos some of which are posted below. It's been a while since I posted photos so the order is out a bit but they are worth a look.


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