Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's day everyone!!

Just getting over a very busy weekend. Had a snow day at work Friday for some rest time before the weekend. Adam, Mary and Gwen were over Friday night. Gwen was spending the weekend.

I got up at 2:00am to get Al off the the airport as he is off to join the navy. Had to make sure he got on that plane LOL. Came home and got a couple hours of sleep before Adam and Mary were off and Gwen was making herself at home in the living room. She kept us busy but mostly Patty. Gwen loves her grandma!

We went to visit aunty with Gwen on Saturday. After a couple cookies Gwen was Aunty's best friend LOL. Sitting on her lap smiling and chatting away. Went home and ate then it was a lot of reading playing cleaning playing cleaning reading playing cleaning before bed time. We had the heat on in our bed room for Gwen and no fan so I guess I was snoring a bit too much and Patty gave me the boot. Hard enough for her to sleep as Gwen was up every couple hours wanting to be rocked.

Sunday Ben and I took Gwen over to Wal-Mart so Patty could have some time to herself and take a shower. It was a lot of work for us but mostly for Patty. I always bug Mary and Adam to hurry and have another one but I don't blame them for putting it off for a while. When they do we will still be here to help out when ever needed. Grand kids are the greatest.

Patty had one day off of baby sitting then back down to Langford for 4 days more. She called to say she will be home tonight. She gets a better sleep at home in our cool house. Their house in Langford is like a sauna but Mary likes it warm and Gwen needs it too. Didn't take too many pictures we were kept to busy to think about it but we have a couple I will post later.

Well that's all for now time for work!!


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