Thursday, February 18, 2010

The other night I had Patty replace the bandage on my back and we took a couple pictures. Patty and Al can't count as they both told me I had 13 staples and as you can see in the photos there are only 12. They both think 13 is a lucky number.

I went in and booked an appointment for Patty to get a tattoo. I told her I'd get her one for her birthday last year but we haven't made it in. Al and Nina both got tattoos the other day and Patty said she wanted hers so I went and booked her in to get it done. It's a Celtic dragonfly that Aunty Irene drew for her. It's very nice looking. I also took in a picture to get started on the dragon that dad had on his arm. I should have it by the end of March but he should have the drawing on March 6 when we go in to get Patty's done. The picture is pretty fuzzy but I told him to get it as close as he can. Some parts are hard to see in the face area but it's an old tattoo that has spread over the years. Of course I'll post a picture of the final outcome.

Today I went to Langford to see Patty and Gwen. We took a walk up to a park to put Gwen on the swing and slide. Then we let her run around a while to tire her out. It was a little cool but nice and sunny. They said 11C on the radio but felt like 5 with the wind. Gwen loves the park and we had a lot of fun.

On my way home I drove along the water at Mill Bay and took a walk on the beach. You never know what your going to see!

Looks like I'm going to Vancouver on Saturday. Not sure of my plans if I'm taking my car or not. If worse comes to worse and I take my car I can at least sleep in it. Jodi says I can stay at her place even though she won't be there but Joan will be. Only thing is by the time the Blue Rodeo concert is over it will be 1:00am before I get to there place and I don't want to wake them up. And I want to get up early the next day.Then I might try to catch a bus to Whistler to have a quick look around then bus back to the ferry and then home. I'm leaning towards taking my car and leaving it at the ferry terminal in Horseshoe Bay. Watch for some interesting photos next week!


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