Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As you can see I'm trying to Blog more frequently. I figure if everyone can spend so much time farming in farmville I can spend some time blogging. Only difference is I need something to ramble on about.

Patty Ben and I are trying to figure a way to go to Hamilton this summer without it killing us (money wise LOL) and it didn't look like it because all flights were up around $800 bucks return . I did see some for around $700 return but I told Ben he probably wouldn't be going at that price. If we paid that much it would be hard to do anything cause we would have no extra money. Today I saw a seat sale $245 each way which is way more affordable Victoria to Hamilton. Don't want to make Annette try to drive to Toronto. Those prices are before taxes and fees of course but so were the expensive ones. I was hoping to be selfish and spend the money on a new EOS 7D camera if we didn't go but at this price I'm a little excited and that sucks cause I really wanted that camera. Patty got me a camera for Christmas and I'm really liking it. Its fun going back to a place where you grew up and being a tourist. Of course Ben wants to do all the things Patty and I did when we were last there but I said Shawn doesn't want to have another wedding LOL. If we stay till the 23rd Marrianne should have dropped her kid by then and there will be a lot of partying.

While I'm doing this I'm uploading all my Beatles CD's to my Ipod. 9 Beatles albums and now I'm starting on Paul McCartney CD's. I just changed 2 cd's now. I also joined Twitter on my Ipod but won't be posting on there daily (not yet anyways LOL) I just wanted to try and stalk some people legally LOL. If your on Twitter you can send me your nic name and I may or may not add you. You may add me but I'm going to be more borring on there than I am with my posts on here.

Lastly but definitely not least I received news yesterday that Irwin, a close friend of my dad's and the whole family lost his battle with cancer. Just another victim of that awful disease. I feel the loss but I can smile cause I know that if there is a heaven my dad and him will partying it up like the good ol days. There are many stories I can think of that bring a smile to my face. Some that at the time were not funny but now we can laugh about. Irwin and Jeanette had been together a long time. I stopped at their wedding on my way to Ottawa for the Grey Cup. Irwin had a lot of love and I never seen a mean bone in his body. That's why Jacqueline loved him so much cause he was a true father to her. I'm sure they will miss him dearly but they will be glad that his suffering is over. It's a tough thing watching someone go through this. I hope that their family and friends are there to support them in their need. I don't know when the funeral is yet and instead of flowers I will make a donation in honor of him to the Cancer foundation. If they have a certain one that they like if someone passes it on to me I'll use that one. RIP Irwin and keep laughing your contagious laugh so all your friends will find you!


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