Friday, October 30, 2009


Well I have to say I'm feeling a little more patriotic than usual. Got home this morning from work and couldn't sleep so was flipping through the channels and saw that the Olympic flame had landed at Victoria airport. The same one Annette flew into a while back when she came out for a visit. Would like to see more visitors come out this way. Anyways I watched a couple hours of the ceremony and started getting into it. Funny the last time the torch run was in Canada Liz Lippert was carrying the torch and I never went to see it. Seeing as it was someone I knew you'd think I might have. Maybe I was working that day not sure but it wasn't on my priority list. Well now it is and it will be in Nanaimo tomorrow. I also read that Hadi Abbasi from the VI Raiders will be carrying it after the game so seems like a good time to go and get pictures. I'm heading down to Nanaimo early for the Cullen Cup (BCFC FINAL) that decides who gets to host the Canadian Championship game. Last game there were a few players from the 2005 Championship game and it was good to see them and talk about old times and how when we see a jersey number we know the person who used to wear it not the one wearing it now. Well off to go find my Canada tuque and get my team Canada jersey ready for tomorrow. Watch my photo blog for more football pictures too!!

Oh by the way HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!


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