Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Gwenhyvere !!!

Well Saturday was a football day as you can tell if you check out my photo blog. I'll spare you any photos of that since I know you all got your fill already. Other than that it was a pretty quiet day.

Sunday was the first of at least 3 parties to celebrate Gwen's birthday. Probably the only one I'll get too but that's ok cause we got to spoil her early. We went down to Adam and Mary's for supper and we took a veggie lasagna. Mary's mom made curried chicken dish and her sister made a raspberry cake in the shape of a heart. You'd think who would make that type of cake for a 1 year olds birthday but you will see from the pictures she loved it as we all did! The veggie lasagna was a lot better than I expected and the curried chicken was mmm mmm delicious! A fabulous meal all around. Gwen even ate some of the curried chicken and shared some with me. Gwen got a wagon full of toys and a kitchen that has a light switch and everthing from the fridge door to the taps and toaster makes noise.

She had woke up from her nap in a grumpy mood and grandma was the first person she went to then after Ben got her playing with the kitchen she was laughing, talking and dancing all over the place. She even liked my beard this time around. she ran her fingers through it and just happen to have curry sauce on them so my beard was covered but we was having fun. Patty is so lucky as she gets to spend 2 whole days a week with her but thats why grandmas are special. One day soon we are going down to babysit over night so Adam and Mary can go out for the night. Looking forward to that!!


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