Friday, August 28, 2009

Annettes consolation visit day 5

Another warm sunny day in paradise. Where is all this rain we are supposed to get on the island? They even called for it 2 days ago and we never got it unless it rained over night. Yesterday Annette and I went down to walk around and shop in Victoria. The downtown is a beautiful area with lots of unique and touristy shops. Its close to the water front and the parliament buildings and also the Majestic Empire Hotel. We popped in and out of shops and grabbed a bite to eat then wandered down to the water front to check out all the buskers and art sales. We were there for more than a few hours then went to Langford to see my grand daughter and beautiful wife. Gwen was supposed to be sleeping but awoke shortly after our arrival for playtime. It was getting late so Annette and I headed out because we wanted to make a couple stops along the way. We stopped at the lookout, then we went down to the shoreline and looked at the same view from sea level. We arrived home about 2 minutes before Patty did and were still outside. We went inside and I decided to cook supper as Patty had 2 days watching Gwen and Gwen had decided not to sleep much this time around. Grandma had to get up at 2am with her and her afternoon nap was only half an hour. she probably slept all night for mommy and daddy. Today is a lazy day not sure whats on the plan although Paul is at a cottage and wants to see Annette so we might take a drive up to Youbou.


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