Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On Sunday while Gwen was taking a nap Ben and I decided to go on a walk. About half a km down the rd there was a park with some signs showing trails. We decided (I decided lol) that we should check out the view from the peak. Well we were not prepared and neither one of us was in shape and about 3/4 of the way up we stopped to rest because Ben was wheezing. He has asthma but hasn't gad an attack in quite a while so doesn't carry his puffer. Well we finally made it and the view was well worth it (so I thought). I took a few pictures then we went on our way back down and to Mary and Adam's place. I didn't realize that when we left their place we were going downhill most of the way but we sure noticed it going back. When we were safe and sound in the house Ben said that's the last time he bonds with me LOL. I've heard that before because yesterday Ben and I did some more bonding as we were in Nanaimo to see the Snowbirds over the ocean and got some back to school shopping in as well.


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