Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday I got a callback from a woman at the CVRD (Cowichan Valley Regional District) who had inquired about a photo of mine she had seen. It's a shot of the Kinsol Train Trestle near Duncan BC. They are trying to raise money to fix it up and they want to use my photo in the promotion of it. She said in 4 years she had never seen an angle like mine. We are going to work out a deal where I will get a big tax write off in exchange for the use of it. With the taxes I pay that will help out greatly plus my name will be attached to it to promote me. I think its a great deal!

Today was a very busy day for me.... First off I went to see the VI Raiders football camp as it is in town for the 3rd year in a row. Lots of players and coaches were joking about how Hamilton beat BC last night. I was at work but checked out the score on the computer in the office. Then rushed home to catch the highlights on the sports channel. I was pretty shocked and thanks to ex BC player Ottis Floyd for getting the interception at the perfect time to stop BC's drive!!

When I got home from football I had to go to my buddy Donavan's 3rd birthday party. He had showed up while I was at football to make sure I was still coming. I bought him a monster truck as that's what hes into these days. Hes also a big Canucks fan. Before I left for his house I received a phone call from Ontario. Annette has booked a flight and will be coming out to visit Patty and myself for a week and she arives on August 22. Looking forward to her visit and showing her around the island. I wish Terry was feeling better and could make it but hopefully she'll be good enough to travel in the fall.

Next it was off to uncle Jim's birthday bbq with all the Patty's relatives out here. The thermometer read 29 degrees and it was out of the sun. Lots and lots of ppl and food as usual. We all had a good time before most of the guys and a few women popped into the house to watch UFC 100 and George St Pierre Win his fight. Patty and I were cheering for Bisbing in his loss to Henderson but that was a great knockout punch. I'm not a fan of Brock Lesner so was disappointed when he beat Frank Mir but all in all it was a good night of fighting. All in all I'd say it was a good day! More sun in the forecast for tomorrow but not sure whats up on the schedule might just do some painting and clean my room LOL


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