Monday, June 22, 2009

Congrats Mary!

Last Thursday Patty and I went down to Victoria to watch Mary graduate from UVic. It was a huge ordeal with lots of pomp and pageantry. They have this whole thing where the head master and other top people dress up like in the old days. The auditorium was really big and really nice and layed out like a theater so there was no bad seat in the house. Mary's dad was there and we had little Gwen although Patty took her for a walk out to the lobby when she started to fuss. They had a huge screen out front so Patty could still watch it while Gwen played with the other kids. Mary graduated with her masters in something or other LOL. I still zone out when it comes to education as I never did like school. Afterwords we went to Milestones for a nice dinner then had to rush home for work.

On a sad note we got a call early Sunday morning that Aunt Claire's daughter Julie had suddenly became ill and was rushed to the hospital where she passed away. She had no known problems so an autopsy will be done Tuesday. They figure she might have been born with a heart defect that had gone unnoticed. I had met Julie on more than a few occasions and she was a beautiful young woman of only 28 very friendly but on the quiet side. Last summer I fixed her car by replacing an alternator and when she tried to pay me I told her a hug was all I needed. Julie had a husband of 10 years or so named Chris and two brothers Sam and Eric. She was truly an angel as I had never ever heard one bad thing about her. She will be missed by anyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting her. Keep smiling Julie you are always in our hearts!


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