Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Family BBQ

The In Laws were on the Island for a visit. I thought they were here to see me because of my surgery but soon realized that Gwen was the main attraction. So much for all the TLC I was expecting. I was the one giving that out. Sunday morning I made breakfast for Natalie and Peter and the family then when Mamasitta and Pat showed up I made breakfast for them. Good thing I love Mamasitta because she ordered breakfast the way she wanted it and not the way I had made it for everyone else. I asked if she thought she was in a restaurant. I had made fried eggs and bacon with hash browns and toast but Mamasitta wanted a boiled egg about 5 minutes with two pieces of toast one whole wheat and one raisin bread. To make it easy on me Pat said I could boil him 2 eggs instead of frying them. I think they were a bit softer than they wanted them because apparently being closer to sea level makes a difference for boiling times? I had never heard that before and they never complained....much LOL.

We all headed to Aunt Irenes and Uncle Jim where Ben took over the controls of the BBQ so Uncle Jim could attend to other things. If Angie's girls had been there I'm sure Ben would have been too busy to cook but because they were not he did a great job cooking. I did take some pictures but wasn't feeling well as now I have a bad cold so I never got everyone but I got most of the people that were there. Albert was not as he had to work but his grandma bought him supper when he got home.

All in all it was a good weekend and hopefully we will be heading their way in a couple weeks to visit them.


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