Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter at Uncle Jim's and Aunt Irene's

Well today we went to Uncle Jim's and Aunt Irene's for Easter dinner. As usual the food was great and there was a lot of ppl. Every time we go over there we meet new ppl. Today we met (or at least I did) Mike (a Leaf fan) and his wife Patty (Canuck fan) and there sons Brandon and Tyson (my new friend in the last photo). Also there, was David (via internet) his girlfriend Angela and her 3 daughters Lauren, Abby, and Emma. Then there was my buddy Jacob and his parents Eric and Deneen and Grandma Claire. And also Valerie and Lance and their 2 kids Trinity and Mitchell as well as myself Patty, Ben and Albert (Nina from Finland was there via Al's phone)and 3 dogs. Aunty's friend Mo who lives downstairs showed up later and I believe that was everyone.

First off everyone went to the back yard and went on an Easter Egg hunt. All the bigger kids were very nice in letting the younger ones find the easier eggs. All the kids got bags to use to put the eggs they found into for later. Some of the kids did very well! Later we all went upstairs for a turkey dinner which 5 hours later I'm still full. I love my turkey dinners as every one knows! We hung out taking turns chatting with David online and watched some TV before slowly and surly we all started to filter out to our cars and head home to relax after a wonderful meal. Aunty Irene loves having us all over for dinner but also loves it when we all leave so she can relax in piece and quiet.

I just want to say Thank You Aunty Irene and Uncle Jim hope to see you again soon and also it was nice seeing everyone again and nice to meet the new ones hope to see you all again soon!


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