Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wow another post this week!!

We were sitting around tonight watching Two and a half men. I love that show. Dad and I used to watch it when Jean wasn't home. She used to like it then it got a little too raunchy for her. Anyways in tonight's episode Charlie Sheen's character lost a testicle and was walking funny. He eventually found it and had to use a ring like a hemorrhoid one when he sat down so his acorns didn't hurt. I told Patty that I when I was a very young boy one of my testicles somehow went up inside of me. L had to keep one leg up in the air and mom kept pulling it down and I would scream and cry. Now this may be a little too much info for some of you but I'm going to tell you all anyways. One of my testicles is twice as big as the other one. Ben was there when we were talking and either him or Patty said maybe a piece got broken off way back then. That's when it hit me.... my tumor is the piece of broken off testicle that worked its way up and has stuck itself to my abdomen and has been feeding off me all these years growing bigger and bigger. So now my stomach is a huge scrotum! There is more hair on that side of my belly than the other side. I wonder if I should warn the surgeon or just let him find out for himself when he removes a huge testicle from me. That will give the nurses something to talk about LOL.

I was working outside all day and I think I got my first sunburn of the year on my head. Feels hot and a little sore to touch. Was too late when I thought of putting a hat on but I did eventually. Wow 9:00pm and I'm ready for bed.

Had a job interview in Victoria yesterday. Patty and I went down to see about a resident managers job. It was right down town a short walk from Beacon Hill Park (petting zoo) which is really close to the ocean, and only a couple of blocks from the tourist stores, Imax theater, Royal museum, Spaghetti Factory and whale watching!! The job paid great money and came with a free 2 bedroom apartment but an awful lot of work. We would see our grand daughter less than we do now but live only 18 minutes away instead of almost an hour away. Patty and I talked after we left and we both said the main reason we want to be in Victoria is for the whale watching.... I mean to be closer to Gwen!! I called them this morning to let them know if they were considering us for the job that we appreciated it but that it wasn't what we were looking for at this time. I was pretty sure they liked us when we left there and that we had a good chance but both of us would have been working non stop except for half of Saturday and all of Sunday (woo hoo) We are going to keep looking and may even apply for other jobs down there and then all of us rent a house together.


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