Thursday, March 12, 2009

I know ...not another medical update!!! Too bad it is!

Tuesday the Dr office called me and told me I had an appointment at the surgeons office the next day at 2:20. I went there today and after a short wait got to see him and the CT scan photos. The surgery is set for April 6 and if all goes well it will just be day surgery. He could not tell me for 100% that there was some chance of cancer or not. He said there was a note on the CT scan report but from what he saw he wasn't worried. Of course hes not worried hes holding the knife not going under it. He Said its in a good spot and will be easy to get out. Worst part of looking at the CT scan is I could see all the fat on my belly. Wonder if they'd go in with a vacuum and suck some of it out. They are already there so why not ? Going to play this thing up big time and get as much TLC as I can from my wife. Already putting in my order for a daily DQ Blizzard! And fish and chips every other day! I should get almost 2 weeks out of this you'd think?

So that's all for now but will have a good blog Sunday night or monday from the weekend. I hear fish and chips are on the schedule for Saturday mmm mmmm mmmmmmm!!!!

By the way the meat less hamburgers were not as good as the hot dog!!!!


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