Monday, January 12, 2009

Medical update

Update: My CT scan is booked for Feb 4 around 9:15am

I thought I had put a post on here about me going for a physical before Christmas but couldn't find it. I like to go every year to see how things are going. My cholesterol was a little high and so was my blood pressure. Although I've been telling the Dr for a long time my blood pressure was on the high side but she never seemed to be bothered about it. Not until a fill in had changed my meds and then she changed it back but said shed keep an eye on it and will change it if it doesn't get any lower. I now take double what I was taking before and it (my blood pressure) now reads normal.

Also when I was lying on the exam table she noticed my stomach was higher on one side than the other. She felt around and could feel a small lump which she thought could be a hernia. She set up an appointment for me to get an ultra sound done and it came back negative for a hernia. I was pretty sure it wasn't a hernia cause I felt no pain. The lump is now about the size of a tennis ball. It sits in my lower left side of my belly just above the waist line. When I lay on my back and look down I can see the small hump. Although she did use the word tumor she is pretty confident that it is nothing. Might just be a lump of fat build up. She is hoping to get me in for a CT scan in the next couple weeks then I'll have to visit a surgeon to see about getting it removed. They need to see if and what it might be attached too. I'm really not worried about it so I don't want any one else to be worried about it. Just thought this was the best way to let everyone know. I was trying to think of a humorous way to put it on here like when I told the story about the race dad and I had when I was really telling you about dad falling and hitting his head and going to the hospital. Ben said something funny the other day which I would have kicked his butt except that my back is in so much pain. Ben told me I had a dickdo ... I said what the heck is that and he said you got a belly that sticks out further than your dick do. LMAO I'm still going to get him over that but I'll bide my time until I'm better and he cant get away from me. Please no calls or emails about this just wait till the update about my CT scan.

Oh and for some more good news I just got a phone call saying that work is real slow so I'm going to be laid off for a bit but I'm first on the list of call backs. The money was good but I was sure enjoying the time off and being away from that place and the cold and snow. Almost asked before Christmas if I could have January off. Might try to pick up some extra hours at Wal-Mart. Once my back is healed.

Sorry no photos this post. I was going to take a photo of my belly but I'm a little fat and bloated being we just got passed Christmas and all the goodies. Patty has put me on a road to healthier eating so no junk food for a while. I guess she doesn't want to sit beside a fatty on our plane trip to Ontario in August. I told her that when they cut that thing out of me I'll probably lose about 5 lbs right there so I should be able to eat some junk food LOL.

....and that's the way the cookie crumbles


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