Friday, November 21, 2008

Just in case any one still visits

Well its been a while again since I last blogged. Everything is going great out here. Still happy, still in love, and still working 3 jobs. If you haven't heard looks like we have a wedding next year in Ontario. I heard that John proposed to Tara during a carriage ride through central park in New York. Good job John never knew you as a romantic but well done. We are going to try our best to make it to the wedding and we promised Ben if we do go he can come with us this time. Depends on what time of month and if I can get time off all my jobs. I told Patty I had to cancel her Christmas/anniversary present just in case. I had booked us a cruise to Alaska in the middle of August.Can't afford both or that much time off. Was going all out with a balcony room too. I'm going to look into flying into Hamilton and out of New York City. Always wanted to go to the Dakotas and have my picture taken there.

Work is going pretty good ... all 3 jobs. Photo lab doesn't feel like a job but it takes up my weekends. The landlord job is going ok but I will feel better after my boss Keith retires. Old miserable %&#@#* !!!! I can do almost anything I want at the truss place. I try not to take advantage. It still sucks when it rains and will be worse when it snows. I talk to the owner quite often and he has bought a few photos off of me. Was checking into some Canucks tickets but he doesn't have any weekend games left.Hes off in Palm Springs with Hadi the owner of Atlas Truss and their families. He will be back this weekend after the Seahawks game sunday.

Last weekend I found a couple recipes and made a wonderful veggie supper for us. Now we are going to visit Gwen Saturday and I have to repeat the meal for Adam and Mary.Well I better get my butt in gear and shower up to take my wife to Wally world. Need to pick up the groceries for tomorrow.

Here is a picture of Mary and Gwen on her first visit to Nana and Papa's house. Nana was not here but luckily I was still home.My computer room doesn't look too messy in that photo.


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