Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Weekend

Well Patty and I went to Vancouver this weekend. I was there to see some football and Patty was there to see some IKEA. The rest of the time we were just going to spend together.

We were trying to figure out what we were going to do because we were meeting Jodi and Scott for dinner and then Patty was going back to our room. If we got a room too far from the stadium then we'd either have to take a cab into meet J & S or drive in then I'd have to rush back to the hotel to drop her off then try and find a parking spot or take a cab to the stadium.

I decided to check a couple of hotels near the stadium. They were more expensive but they were pretty darn fancy and they saved us so much in time and extra money for cabs. After comparing what we might spend to what we would at the hotel closer there wasn't any difference so we got a room. They even upgraded us to a $200 dollar room for free and we could see the stadium out the front window and the restaraunt where we were meeting J & S out the other window. Patty loved it cause she could lay on the bed and watch tv and the stuff going on outside the stadium. We are both people watchers. The set up a band and close off part of the sreet in front of the stadium for tailgate like party.

View from our window
We went for a walk first going upstairs to the pentouse rec room to go out on the balcony and take a look at the city. I took a few photos (of course) then we dropped the camera off at our room and walked around the downtown area. There really isn't a lot to see in that area of the city. Lots of office buildings and hotels for a few blocks then there was a small mall with a London Drugs. Lots of photography stuff in in that store. We did find a street with a few small shops and lots of different styles of food places. We went back to our room to get ready and grab the photo gear and off we went to the restaraunt.

We met Jodi and Scott at the dog pound where I had gone before probably all the other football games I went to in B.C. Place. It was the first time I've met Scott and first time I've seen Jodi since I came back out after dad's funeral 2 years ago. We sat and gabbed and had a good dinner and then it was game time. Scott is a season ticket holder and Jodi probably likes football as much as Patty LOL. We parted ways talking about maybe meeting up after the game then I walked Patty across the street to our room then off to the game I went.

I guess because it was Hamilton playing I was more into the game and only took a few cheerleader pictures. Even though the Cats suck they have been my team for many years. I'm starting to think it might be time for a change. Other than get fans into the stadium since the last owner took over they have not put a product on the field that deserves my time. The new jumbo tron is nice but does nothing for fans that live too far away to go to games. I probably know more players on B.C. than I know on Hamilton and the Lions have been good to me the last 3 years allowing me to go over and take photos on the sidelines. I didn't even know that Lumsden was hurt AGAIN and wasn't playing. I was thinking at least I'd get a few good shots of him. My buddy Lorne who is on the Lions came over and chatted with me before the game. Then he remembererd I was a Hamilton fan. He made a few small jokes but said they do have a couple good players. I might get a Jersey #69 with Plantes name on the back.

Never ended up meeting back up with Jodi and Scott as they left a bit early. Hope your feeling better Jodi. As I walked back to our room from the game I looked up and saw Patty watching out the window. She waived when she saw me. I went up to our room and then we both went up to the roof again to have a look at the night lights and of course to take a few more photos.

Patty and I then returned to our room anticipating our trip to IKEA on Sunday. This is as much as I can tell you as I've said too much already. What happens in Vancouver is supposed to stay in Vancouver.

Keep watch for my next blog "A trip to IKEA" with many photos and exciting details .... (yeah right!!! LMAO)


At Friday, October 03, 2008 2:44:00 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Nice pictures Kev.

At Saturday, October 04, 2008 5:47:00 PM, Blogger annette910 said...

glad you had a good time ,we sure saw alot of you on tv ...great photos!!!


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