Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby shower

Yesterday Patty threw a baby shower for Adam and Mary. Because Mary is a vegetarian it was a meatless event. Patty cooked up a storm the night before and got Ben and I to help decorate. Auntie Irene and uncle Jim were going on holidays and said they couldn't make it so I called her up Friday night giving her the big guilt trip and telling her she wouldn't be my favourite aunt if she didn't make it to this. She always makes us go to her crappy events...I mean family functions and we even wear a smile while were there. Albert and I had gone for a walk to the store before things got underway and I was surprised to see and hear auntie Irene when we got back. Apparently Patty had told her that I wouldn't be there because I was in Nanaimo at a football game. She was ready to drive to Nanaimo and drag me home from the game.

There was Irene and Jim, Claire and Dave, Deneen and little Jacob, Albert, Ben, Carol, Patty and myself. Oh and Adam and Mary! They got lots of nice gifts from everyone and we all had a good time. My gifts were definitely the best ones ... a V.I. Raider t-shirt and a Vancouver Canucks cover for the baby carrier. I hope its a boy but no matter what the baby is going to be a sports fan whether they like it or not! The pile of gifts on Mary in the last picture are just some of the things the wife had picked up over the last couple months including some baby gifts from African Lion Safari and Niagara Falls. Well I did help her out because shed pick up something and say we will get this one today and the matching ones over the next couple weeks but I'd say why not just get them now and throw them all in the basket. I should have left them because the next week shed find something else we should get for the baby. Sometimes shed mention something she saw and wanted to get and I'd just go get it for her and surprise her. That's just part of the reason I'm her number one guy! Shrek is her number two and Randy Travis (why him ???) is her number three guy. As long as I'm number one I don't care who follows me on the list. I just hope one of those others don't come to Duncan because I think I might move down on the list. Patty is downstairs watching a Shrek movie as I type this. I might make her dreams come true and paint myself green and be Shrek on Halloween LOL.


At Sunday, August 31, 2008 3:09:00 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

And Patty could be your Fiona,lmao.....


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