Tuesday, August 05, 2008

BC day!!!

Yesterday was BC day which is a stat holiday out here for everyone and not just Gov. workers. I had Sunday night off and we were invited to a pool party by Adams cousins by marriage. This is the second time we have gone out with them.

We started off going to Sooke to walk the beach and collect rocks. It was the same spot Patty and I had gone to last year for a pic nic. We were there for about two hours before going to Adam and Mary's place in Langford. We saw a lot of nice houses for sale that we might buy if we win the lottery this week (or any week).

Then we went to a beautiful house near Victoria in Cordova Bay. Nice house built on a hill with a view of the Ocean. If you go to the top of the yard above the garden you can see mount Baker in Washington. Patty, Ben, Adam, Mary and myself were there but Albert was unable to make it as he had to work. Poor guy he missed out on a lot of fun.

They have an in ground pool with a diving board and lots of pool toys for everyone to enjoy. Ben was the first one in and the last one out. Patty and I were sitting out the swimming and Adam didn't plan on going in but was dragged in by Ben when he attempted to push Ben in. I was just starting to say I'll give you 10 bucks Ben if you can get Adam in. He never heard it but I said it was worth 10 bucks. Adam decided to stay in and have fun since he was already wet.

For the meal there were about 10 different types of sausages including veggie, turkey, Elk, and Bison. You could sure tell which ones were the elk and bison as they were darker and more gammy tasting but they sure were good. There were different kinds of salads and ice cream and fruit salad for desert. It was a great day out in the warmer than usual temperatures that we have been having.


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