Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Catching up

Sorry its been a while but I've been pretty busy here. Working 3 jobs, a grandchild on the way soon and my birthday just passed. Thanks for all the birthday wishes even the late ones and one that was a bit early LOL.

Two weekends ago we went down to see Mary and Adam. Patty was going to help them clean up after the roommate had moved out and start preparing the baby room. Ben and I were going to go whale watching but the weather wasn't very good and the waves were too big so Captain Ron cancelled trips for that day. So Ben played on the Xbox 360 and I helped Patty clean the room and then we moved some furniture. We then went for a walk where Mary and Adam purchased some baby stuff while Ben and I checked out a computer shop and a music store where Ben got to try a guitar out for a bit getting some tips from the friendly staff.

After we carried the baby stuff home we decided to do the baby test on Mary where you hang a ring over the belly and depending on which direction it goes you supposedly know what the baby is. It went back and forth so its going to be a boy. When Patty did it for her pregnancies it went in a circle which meant girls but she had 3 boys. So going by that I have to believe that back and forth means girl and circle means boy so Mary will have a girl.

The test

Back and forth

Proud shy daddy

Proud mommy

Proud Nana

Daddy showing off some of his old baby clothes

A Panoramic shot taken on way home

On my birthday Patty took me out for a nice fish and chip lunch which is my second favourite meal. Turkey mashed potatoes gravy and corn being my number one choice. She gave me a very nice leather office chair for my computer room as well as a very nice card and a black shirt which you will see in a couple weeks. Ben got me a pair of Canucks boxer shorts and made me a very nice card.

After lunch Patty had to go back to work so I went to the North West Raptors center to take photos of the birds.


At Wednesday, June 18, 2008 6:52:00 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

We've been waiting for an update,right ladies,lmao. Nice pictures Kev.


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