Sunday, June 01, 2008

Melvin Towers

It's been a couple weeks since we took over the managers job at the townhouse complex here in Duncan. I've been working around here and meeting the tenants who all seem to be pretty nice. There are one or two that people talk about and their problems but those people with the problems tend to keep to themselves Thank God!!! LOL

The other night a couple of the tenants had a bbq and sat out side talking for a while. Then they decided to ask a few other tenants if they would like to join them the next day. A couple people showed up and a couple couldn't make it (like me) so they are going to have another bbq tonight. Patty was over with them for a bit yesterday and when I got home I went over and sat with the few still there. It reminded me a lot of Melvin Towers with everyone sitting outside having a beer telling jokes and storries. One guy is a die hard leaf fan from Toronto and we joke back and forth about our teams. He has Leaf floormats in his jeep and I told him its the best place for them, on the floor walked all over. When it was breaking up I told them don't make me have to come chase you down for the rent now. The Leaf fan was going to go home and write a check but I told him I'm going to bed office is closed so you can drop it off tomorrow.

We had our first move out and we painted the place and now the people are moving in. I fixxed a hole in the wall and touched it up this morning so it needs a bit of sanding and to be painted. Then a light switch place in the bathroom and its all done. We will have one more when #20 moves out hopefully today. If they don't we will have to have the sherrif come down and take them out. I'm betting that place will need a lot of attention.

Its been hot the last two days and I've got sun burnt arms, neck and ears. Looks like it going to be milder the next few days but that will be nice for a change. I start back at Vic Truss tonight and I'm only working fridays for a while at Wal_Mart. Five weeks till the wedding and our Ontario trip. Should be fun I hope the weather is nice. Still have not decided on our plans yet but thinking about it. Some will depend on the weather.

Looking forward to a big fat juicy Licks Homeburger the night we arrive if they are open late but if not it will be Friday after ALS.


At Tuesday, June 03, 2008 6:54:00 PM, Blogger annette910 said...

we buy the licks burgers frozen and cook them at home,you show up here and i will gladly cook them for you ! love u


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