Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mad About You

The other day I was watching some TV flipping through the channels and came across the show Mad About You with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt or is it Mike it was Helen Hunt I remember now. Oh see below it was Helen shouldn't there be two L's in Helen I thought there should be two of them. And Reiser you know I didn't spell that on my own because if I had (and I had) I would have spelt it R i before E s e r because its an R not a C and the rule says I before E except after C. No wonder I'm a poor speller they can't even keep the rules straight that they use to teach you how to spell. And sometimes that spell checker on here just won't work for me.

Oh remember that dog Murry. Boy that was a nice dog and funny too I remember one show where he kept running into something bumping his head....that was funny wish I could remember more about that show.

Anyways I was watching the show and all of a sudden it came clear to me that it was just like me and Patty. I believe they were a perfect couple and I think Patty and I are as close to perfect as two can be as a couple. Here is an example how Patty and I chat...

P: will be Patty talking and K: will be me or Kevin talking.

K: Hey Patty you want to go up to Nanaimo tomorrow ?
P: I don't know did you want to go up to Nanaimo tomorrow ?
K: I was thinking I might might want to go to Nanaimo tomorrow.
P: I guess we could go to Nanaimo tomorrow.
K: So are we going to Nanaimo tomorrow ?
P: It sounds like we are going to Nanaimo tomorrow.
K: But do you really want to go to Nanaimo tomorrow
P: I said yes I would go to Nanaimo tomorrow
K: But you didn't say you wanted to go to Nanaimo tomorrow
P: OK yes I want to go to Nanaimo tomorrow.
K: OK if you really want to go to Nanaimo tomorrow we can go.
P: Why? don't you want to go to Nanaimo Tomorrow ?
K: No not really I was thinking we should go to Victoria tomorrow.
P: OK lets go to Victoria tomorrow then.
K: Really ?
P: Yes Really lets go to Victoria tomorrow.
K: OK but if you'd rather go to Nanaimo tomorrow we can go to Nanaimo tomorrow.
P: Lets go to Victoria tomorrow
K: OK but I'm just saying
P: I know but if that's what you want to do we can do that.
K: I guess we can do that
P: What you don't want to go to Victoria tomorrow
K: You know I'm just not sure I want to go to Victoria tomorrow
P: Make up your mind or we can just stay home
K: That sounds like a good idea lets just stay home
P: Fine
K: Fine
P: Love you babe
K: Love you too babe ..... so what do you want to do at home tomorrow ?

That's not exactly a conversation but pretty close. Total different conversation.

K: I think I might go to a football game tomorrow.
P: Have fun with that!

I went looking for the Mad about you song yesterday but couldn't find it. I like that song. If anyone knows where I can get it on the Internet please let me know.

Found out last night that I got the Photo Lab job and will start training next weekend after the wedding. Looking forward to getting a way for a couple days. Should be fun !!

Also just got an email from the property management company that they will be down next week to talk to me. I hate that I want that job so bad because the property manager is an ass. I think I'd have lots of extra time for my photography and wouldn't have to get up so early every morning unless I wanted too. Patty would probably make me get up and drive the boy to school. Speaking of the boy or Ben as we like to call him. He and I are working on a school project of his and when we have more I'll post pictures but for now I'll post a picture that he drew of me.

See a pretty good artist isn't he. Ok I'm sick and need to rest and eat a popsickle.


At Tuesday, April 15, 2008 5:44:00 PM, Blogger annette910 said...

congrats on your new job. Hope you enjoy it. Talk to you soon. Love you


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